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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sascha, Jul 26, 2008.

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    i encountered big problem when i made veg. chips in nut batter in dehydrator. i thought i followed your recipe exactly. the dehydrator roared away at 115 degrees for 24 hours- i couldn't wait to check to see what happened- wound up throwing it all out. was like gravel for a driveway.

    maybe i cut veg. pieces (zucchini, sweet potato) too thin; probably i should have checked 12 hours into the roaring process. (my roommate wore earplugs all day. i liked the sound- was a nice industrious sound as though something good was being accomplished.)

    i'm finding Cuisenart to be a delight. i'm making raw steel-cut oat and almond breakfast cereal. i soak the oats and almonds overnight, then put them through the Cuisenart with figs and honey. I KNOW i'll probably not be having that for long. i've got an appointment with Dr. Farr August 7th- have sent in my stool test kit-

    but i just made excellent Cuisenart salad with cucumber piece, carrot, asparagus, and swiss chard. very good. i went to a raw foods restaurant and had a burrito, and it was very good.

    i'm using a juicer and am saving the pulp for rich soup stocks. so i'm coming closer to how i want to eat. i've been wandering off my usual dietary path partly because, i think, i know a change is going to come August 7th. then i plan to get back onto a good fierce regimen.

    so what do you think went wrong with my veg. chips? sascha
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    again for you both~

    Hi Karen~
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    Sorry, my internet and phone were down for a few days.

    Maybe you made the batter too thick? MIne's pretty thin, and it's just enough to give the veggies a light coating. It's not like it would be if you were going to deep fry them with the batter clinging to them in big, thick clumps. I probably didn't make that part very clear, sorry. We do them very thin, especially the zucchini, they come out like really thin potato chips, nice and crunchy. The batter is really just to spice them up and give them a bit of flavor, not really to be a crunchy, thick batter like we're used to with fish fillets or other fried foods.

    The veggies will be crunchy by themselves, the batter just carries the spices and flavor to the veggies. Keep trying. If you want an idea of what they should be like, get on one of the raw food websites like rawguru and order one or two of the veggie tempuraw bags. Then you'll see exactly how they should come out.

    Good luck with Dr. Farr, BTW, and you can ask him for my email address if you want.

    I've been eating these veggies daily still, I just can't get enough! I'm eating some right now. I keep alternating nuts, sometimes I use cashews and sometimes I use almonds.
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    Almost forgot, also it's really humid where I am. Maybe you don't need as much time if you're in a drier place. Actually, I've been turning the heat up and getting them done quicker because I just can't wait that long! I know I should do that and fry the enzymes, but I just can't help myself right now!
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    if you're still around. i want to try those veg. chips so bad! i will try again. definitely. and i think that was the problem- the batter was too thick. hence the gravel output.

    i'm cutting loose food-wise in the one week i have left before Dr. Farr consultation. i love medjool dates. can't wait to try a raw apple pie with the nut-medjool date crust. i'll have to do it fast because i imagine i'll soon be on your protocol of proteins (meats/fish/eggs), vegs. no fruits/sweetener. well, i'll soon see.

    that's really nice of you to offer me your e-mail address (from Dr. Farr)- thanks a lot.

    i hope your health is ever improving- best from Sascha

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