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    Hi, me again... I thought I would start a new thread.

    I searched and couldn't find the toxic guts thread. I am so intrigued by some of the things you mentioned though... the veggie chips, the yummy batter, the almond pancake flour... where can I get these things! I must have them! :)

    I figure I would be more successful if I had some of these things you mention to help along the way. I have been trying to do a protein, veggie only diet, but it is hard.

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    I bumped up the stool analysis thread for you.

    I found the almond flour pancake mix in the gluten free section of the local health food store. But don't go crazy with gluten free everything. The almond flour is okay because it's nut flour. But most of the gluten free things are just other grains. And grains are fattening and they spike your insulin and feed the bad bacteria in the guts. They are just yummy food for us, nothing more.

    The veggie chips you can do in the oven in a pinch, but it's much better in a dehdyrator because you can adjust the heat low enough (like 115 degrees) so the enzymes will remain intact and not be destroyed by heat. That's what makes raw foods so desirable as healthy food - the enzymes.

    The batter is pretty thin and doesn't coat them like you would want to coat a piece of fish or something you're going to deep fry. I'm just sticking to different colored bell peppers, zucchini and red onions for now. I want to try spinach and see if that works. The batter is made from cashews or almonds which have been soaked. The almonds sprout quite easily in a matter of hours so they are the best to use. Then they go in a blender with some onion, garlic and s&p. And when the onions and peppers ends get too small to continue slicing but too large for dehydrating, they go into the blender, too. Then we mix the sliced veggies with the batter so they just have a think coating on them and then they go in the dehydrator for about 24 hours or until they're crunchy.

    I can't put them down! I don't know if it's an acquired taste or not. I haven't shoved them off on all my friends to try them because I don't want to share! I can't make them fast enough, I'm always running out. What I really need is another dehydrator or a bigger one.

    If you add raw nuts and seeds and these veggie chips to your diet, you'll be able to avoid the carbs easily. These chips are very satisfying. You really have to look at grains as bad for the rest of your life. It's just better that way. They must be restricted to get over this, and to make sure this doesn't happen again they should continue to be restricted. Make them exceptions to the rule for later, maybe, after you're well, but for now they are just not a good idea. Nut milks and nut flours can substitute for many things.

    Start looking at raw food websites for a neverending stream of unbelievable recipes. You can even make cheesecake with cashews. Can you imagine? Healthy cheesecake! It's a whole new avenue of "uncooking" that you should pursue to maintain health while being able to enjoy satisfying yummy foods. You just have to start reading and getting familiar with all the different things you can make. Then you won't have to resort to junk anymore when you want to have something scrumptious.

    I also have some crackers we just made with sunflower seeds, flax seeds and veggies. The seeds are soaked overnight, they should sprout, and then they go in the blender with some veggies: a carrot, celery, red pepper, pinch of curry, and blend. Then put in the dehydrator on the teflon sheets. Turn after several hours to get the bottoms dry. They're great plain, with soup and with butter on top!
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    I am going to look into these things.

    When I was searching the other threads I came accross your recipe for raw chocolate cake... That sounded good too. Obviously, though I need to focus on the protein and veggie angle first.

    Thanks again. I may have more questions...