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    Thank you for your reply about the catalase and Sod. The next step in my health program will deal with energy issues as you have mentioned in your posts. I am still working on the gut issues and realize how much they have impeded my progress.

    The recovery program I recently found and follow is specifically for the gut. All info and supplements are obtained from book & author of Fiber Menace. I never add fiber to anything and have a 95% gluten & dairy free diet, as well as low carbs. I shud be at 100% gluten & dairy free but I am not yet. I am also weaning off snacking inorder to decrease digestive activity and stabilize blood sugar. It is working very well so far and the best I've tried yet. I use to have terrible constipation which I no longer have.

    Your suggestion about getting the stool analysis testing is good because it gives me an idea about my progress.

    The supplemental packets I use now do contain a yeast pill (caprylic acid) and a probiotic pill, but I won't know much without the testing.

    Thank you for your great input.
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    My hypoglycemia problem was all just too many carbs and yeast. I was actually using Candex and raw garlic for a very long time, along with tons of probiotics, for like a year. But when I did my stool analysis, I was still full of yeast, different kinds including candida. I was also eating lots of virgin coconut oil, by the spoonfulls, I just love the taste! I guess you already know it's got caprylic acid in it. But I was just eating way too many carbs, like lots of brown rice and beans.

    After 2 months on the low carb diet and the supps, including a yeast killer dysbiocide, the yeast was gone. So if you get the right diet and supps going, you can kill off yeast relatively quickly, at least I could. But I struggled with it for over a year because I just didn't have the proper tests done. I really just didn't know they existed at the time. I got the idea for it at

    I forgot to mention on the other post, about the sprout pills. I remember after taking lots of them for 10 days that I couldn't tolerate them in the mornings anymore. I waited until I was starting to get PEM in the afternoon to take them. And somebody had tried them and had a bad reaction. I think if you are low on these enzymes, the pills will help, but if you already have enough enzymes, they could make you feel bad.

    I know the bottle says to take like 6 the first time, but I'd take probably one to start with to make sure, then you could take another in an hour or so. I took three the first time and they worked great, but then three would have been way too much for me after taking them a couple of weeks later. I don't know if they jump started the process of me making the enzymes or what. It was just so strange that they did their job in a couple of weeks, and then I didn't need them so much anymore.

    Sounds like you're on the right track! Best of luck!

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    Hi Karen,

    I am so glad you mentioned about the brown rice because I do eat a lot of it. I will get the testing and try the dysbiocide. And thanks for the info on the sprout pills. I always have to start with 1/2 a pill or less with everything I try.
    Thank you again.
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    I thought brown rice was supposed to be very healthy and good for us. I was telling everybody to eat it!!

    I was shocked to find that it contains antinutrients and digestions inhibitors, like lectins. They can contribute to the sticking together of red blood cells and can also bind carbohydrate receptors and block absorption of nutrients.

    I think in a healthy person, brown rice now and then wouldn't be that big a deal. But in people like us, with compromised digestive systems AND poor oxygen transport because of sticky red blood cells, there's a big difference in what's healthy for a healthy person to eat and what's healthy for us to eat. We have to look at food from a whole new perspective.

    just FYI about the rice, sorry to pee on the brown rice parade
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