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    I feel like you're everyone's CFS doctor on this board lol, you're so knowledgeable I feel like im reading a book when I read your posts sometimes, its really impressive

    i was just wondering with all of the knowledge you have and have applied, how are you feeling??? Are you still extremely sick, or are you almost on your road to recovery and can manage to get through the day?

    Let's face it, if there's no hope with you there's probably no hope for the rest of us (totally kidding) but i'd really love to know what you're status is with everything?


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    I'm definitely on the road to recovery. Over the last 3 months, I have experienced more improvement than ever before. I have shed my worst symptoms - hypoglycemia, heart palps, exercise intolerance (I don't push it, though, just doing a little), extreme fatigue, cognitive problems, etc. Everything's going away. This is a curable disease if you figure out what's wrong with you and if you see the right health expert. In virtually every case, if you are depending on a medical doctor, you're doomed.

    I think gut dysbiosis is the cause of nutritional deficiencies which are the cause of most diseases and health problems. This is no different. So it's all going back to diet and bad habits. We ate standard American food and we got sick. How come some of us eat horribly and have seemingly normal lives? Because they are very strong physically. But they won't be feeling good when they get older. They'll look bad and feel bad. They'll say they feel fine, but they'll be walking hunched over and bumping into things. People think that's all normal, but I think it's just letting everything go to hell and accepting it.

    I've had to totally change my life. I look at food differently, now. I can no longer eat the same things I grew up with: pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers, etc. The consumption of dairy and gluten products all my life I think have been the main reason for me getting sick. I am someone who just can't tolerate them well. That means, they slowly but surely were doing damage and I didn't know until it was too late. They are too hard to break down by the digestive system. They are really not healthy, they're just yummy foods, anyway. So I'll avoid them for the rest of my life.

    Right now, I'm still off carbs and grains to starve out the bad bacteria in the gut - that and adding lots of betaine hcl to replace stomach acid, are the 2 things most responsible for the improvement thus far. I'll probably have to do this for several more months. If you can do this, you can cure yourself. Diet changes will be the toughest for most people.

    Many want proof this will work before they attempt something so inconvenient. If anyone has this kind of attitude, they may as well see a medical doctor. The proof is I researched this disease, figured it out, and now I'm whooping it for a change, instead of it whooping me. That's the proof. We all have the same body - that's why transplants work, and what's causing symptoms in me is causing them in you and in everybody. If you have the same things wrong I do, then the same treatments will fix it.

    I'm sure it's all a mix of gut dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue and infection. We all have one or more of these and they settled in us in different orders. The guts are the heart of the immune system, so it isn't clear if the infection caused the gut dysbiosis or the dysbiosis caused the weakness in the immune system and this allowed the infection to take over. The longer you've had cfs or fibro, the more damage you've done and the harder the fix. But I'm getting over it pretty steadily after being sick 5 years.

    Once gut dysbiosis sets in, everything else goes to hell. And this puts you over the edge. That means, if it's bad enough, the body won't be able to fix itself. You will have to stop ingesting grains and high carb foods to starve out the bad bacteria and you need to take plenty of supplements to give your body what it needs so it can repair itself.

    If you just had a mild case of it, dietary changes and some probiotics may be enough for you. But if you got to the point of being bedridden, like I did, then that's not enough. I have tried all that on my own. It worked to a certain point, but I still had too many problems. It was only after doing the comprehensive stool analysis and seeing exactly what was happening in the guts, and having an expert who knew what to do - NOT a medical doctor - that I was able to get the exact right supplements for me and turn it all around. My liver and digestive system have responded and my whole body is coming around. It's such a great relief.

    But I never gave up. I only gave up on medical doctors, that's how I am getting better. They are only good in emergencies, but not for chronic diseases caused by deficiencies and gut dysbiosis. About all they could do for your guts is give you antibiotics. But you don't want these because they will kill off the good bacteria, which you have to have to process certain vitamins and enzymes, and what's more, antibiotics are hard on the liver. And our poor livers being overworked and starved for nutrition are what's responsible for most of the fatigue and also the build up of toxins. Besides, I wouldn't be surprised if antibiotics and/or the use of antacids have been the cause of cfs for some people. They probably contributed greatly to mine.

    I still can't work, but I'll be able to eventually. It may take several more months before everything's back to normal, but I've been waiting 5 years, mostly in agony. So a few more months of inconvenient eating (I really miss fruit but it's got sugar and is a no-no) and waiting is no big deal. I'm very patient after being tortured for so long.

    There's hope for everyone if they would just investigate what I've done. The biggest mistake I think people make is dismissing gut dysbiosis as their problem. I guess there may be a few exceptions, people with so much damage and certain genetic abnormalities that can't get well, but I think the majority of cases are just like mine because we have the same symptoms. I just stayed on my computer for 1 and 1/2 years until I figured it out and found my expert.

    I realize now that the gut is an extremely complicated system, and no general diet or mix of supplements can be right for everybody unless you get lucky. Or you could just do my diet:

    load up on probiotics, enzymes, and betaine hcl with meals.

    Also, cut out all carbs except veggies, cut out all dairy, gluten and sugar, and stick to eating only meats, eggs, fish, veggies and raw nuts.

    Avoid vinegar, soy sauce, alcohol and anything with msg, hydrogenated oils, aspartame, etc.

    Then see what happens. But it's probably better with testing and an expert. That way you can follow your progress and see it on paper. If you guess, you can be wasting time and money on the wrong supplements. And all of this stuff is expensive. But after all the money I wasted on doctors, it's nice to have something work for a change when I spend my money.

    The American dream with regards to food is really a nightmare for me, I can't eat anything I want at restaurants or people's houses and I have to run around with my own snacks. But now, I'm an expert on healthy cooking and can make any veggie taste good enough to eat. I used to hate them. Now, I eat them with every meal including breakfast. My favorites? My dehydrated peppers (red, yellow, orange and green), onions and zucchini with a batter made of almonds and spices.

    I can't get enough of it! It's like Planter's Cheese Balls. You ever eat those? Know how you can't eat just one or even stop after a hundred? That's how these dehydrated veggies are. Real onion rings that are crunchy, and the peppers are chewy and crunchy and the zucchini is like chips. Really yummy. And they're so healthy, it doesn't matter if you eat a whole bag! In fact, that's good! I have them with meals, between meals, and I can't make them fast enough. It takes 24 hours for them in the dehydrator but I eat the bag in less than one day. So I'm always waiting on them, it seems.

    So, babyk, how bad off are you? Have you seen my stool analysis thread?

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    my name happens to be karen also, haha so hi karen!

    anywho, i'm doing much better than i have been doing, its been a difficult journey for me, being only 22 years old and diagnosed for almost 4 years this DD had made my life turn a complete 180 from where i was before I came down with it. I have to admit though, as horrible/stressful as its been, its brought some real goodness to my life; i met my boyfriend of 3 years, i have a very good job going on in my life, and i appreciate things more than i ever could have, had i not gotten sick... i think we're supposed to go through things in order to become better people, and YOU have clearly gone a long way with all of your research, which I think is fabulous.

    i'm actually taking my betaine hcl like you've suggested (as we speak) even though i just had a slice of pizza, SO WRONG I KNOW. i have to boycott pizza, its become my favorite and probably the worst food i could eat out of anything, but i'm working on that... i've been taking the betaine hcl for about 4 days now and i do seem somewhat of a difference in the way i digest things and on my fatigue also.

    i've been so lucky to have two wonderful doctors working with me, both that are based on kinesiology but have tremendous amount of knowledge and care for what im going through, and i've definitely seen some progess, i just need to really cut drinking any alcohol out, although its so hard because i just want to be like everyone else my age and enjoy being young and having a few glasses of wine or cocktails here and there, do you think drinking is a really bad idea, even once in a while?

    aside from that, my adrenals have been finally up to par which has taken a while, and my cell count has gone up tremendously (with the help of cell food and a mitochondria supplement), so im really happy about that, just been battling my typical liver problems just about every day, so that's what i'm working on now.

    thanks for the update though and im so glad that you're getting better, i know with all of your wisdom and research you'll make it there, it's just trial and error at this point, and i hope that everyone can eventually find the root cause of this INSANE illness, bc NOBODY deserves to live with this, i can't even believe how long some people have had this for, MAJOR props to them!


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    meant to ask you

    how many Betaine Hcl should i be taking with my meals?

    I think i have also seen your stool analysis post, but i think i vaguely remember it being a little on the expensive side if i remember correctly, and right now my doctors are racking up a nice big bill for me lol

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    Oh good, another Karen!

    Do you know if you have any infections like lyme or hep c? The tests are pretty expensive. I had an unreliable lyme test a few years ago that said I was negative but I just tested positive for the bacteria a few days ago.

    I think pizza is always bad, but alcohol and other stuff is do-able once you've got the problem cleared up. Alcohol is full of carbs and feeds the bad guys in the guts. So for right now, while you're still sick, yes it's a bad idea, even one drink. For every drink you're having, you are halting progress and falling behind. One drink or one slice of pizza can backslide you and erase any progress you've made where the guts are concerned. And it's not obvious, that's why people don't stop drinking or eating badly - they can't tell what it's doing and don't think it matters.

    The liver needs a break already and having to detox alcohol is difficult. It's better for you to find an expert, get the problem over with once and for all, and then you can do what you want. I can't have any at all. But I will be able to once I clear everything up. Carbs will keep me from getting well, so I have to avoid them until things normalize. But then, once and for all the problem will be gone and I'll just make sure it doesn't happen again. I'll keep my diet clean and get a stool analysis test done every once in awhile to make sure things stay like they're supposed to.

    The guts, the infection and the adrenals all have to be treated. You may want to check into some tests for infections. Lyme is particularly bad and it's much more widespread than I first thought. I never had a rash or anything like that, but I've read that many people never get one. Is that a white cell count you're talking about? Are the docs interested to see if you have any infections? And what are they doing about your guts? Ask them if they know how to read and interpret a comprehensive stool analysis. Though if they did, I would think they would probably have suggested it by now. The treatment plan I'm on is expensive, but it's working so I'm just racking up charges.

    The betaine hcl pills I use are 700 mg and I take 3 with most meals. If I eat a real lot I'll take 4. You can start with 2 or 3 and see. If it burns or causes discomfort then back off one. You can either eat more or take some antacids if you take too much and get too uncomfortable while trying to figure your optimum dose.

    If you're not seeing slow, steady progress, find other docs. Many of them are knowledgeable in general things, but the guts are very complex and you have to have someone who knows what they're doing or you're wasting time and money. I kept improving to a certain point, but it was only after this new plan I was able to get over the worst symptoms.

    You can find other satisfying things besides pizza, it's the being sociable that's the problem. People want pizza and if you want to go out with them when they eat pizza, you have a problem. You can either sit there and order something else and drink water while they're drinking pitchers, or you can try to find friends that like to go out and eat at healthy places. It's a struggle, but you have to choose. You can look weird to your pizza eating friends and order steamed broccoli with butter and garlic (which is really delicious BTW if it's real butter and NOT margarine which is deadly) or you can not go with them for pizza.

    It's probably better to drop out of sight, get well, and then resume being social. But even so, you are probably better off avoiding pizza forever, or at least pizza made with gluten and dairy. Look into gluten free crusts and use goat cheese. But then, they aren't going to have that at Pizza Hut. If you go back to eating like you did before you got ill, it may just happen again. And I think it can happen rather quickly, but then it takes a really long time to get rid of it again.

    How bad are you on your worst days? Did it happen gradually when you first noticed it or was it after an accident or something?
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    you MUST change your diet...when you mentioned pizza, I almost got sick...not kidding...I am a NYer and woulod not touch pizza again...won't even consider it...

    I believe I can speak for barrow when I say if you are eating those things you have not hit rock bottom yet...Sorry, if that sounds harsh, not meant to be...Just honesty, which is what gave me the better health I have today...I found the reasons for my ill health...doctors did not care, just give me more drugs to mask the symptoms and make me sicker, never getting to the root cause, never...

    I was actually cleaning up my diet when I became deathly ill and hospitalized...then almost died from the treatment of abx and solumedrol...horrible...if you think you are sick now, try a run with that stuff...scary, esp. when you have 'allergies' and are 'sensitive' and have a gut that is bleeding and rotting and not working...a liver that would scream everytime I ate or drank ANYTHING...Alcohol is just that...alcohol...if you want to truly get well, stop the pizza and the other crap...

    to begin with, clean up that diet, anything that goes in your mouth must be natural...from nature...nothing packaged, nothing processed, karen said the rest...

    have the CDSA and maybe the SAGE allergy testing done and get some real answers, not the bull labs they run at your local docs, that is amateur on many things but never gives you the answers you NEED to hear...It may cost you some $$$$$ but heck, what is your good health worth...I was willing to spend thousands on both tests but was happy to hear that Medicare was covering both of these now esp. in my case...Diagnosed with debilitatinbg Crohn's/colitis, so rare and so darn painful and life-altering...My case went too far that I was bleeding constantly, I don't want that for you...I stopped all drugs, went to a naturopath, researched, followed barrows lead and researched every waking moment...

    My new occupation is 'doctor', 'healer', worth the time and effort if only just to see my GI doc and shove all those drugs he gave me up his patooti!!!

    Make the change TODAY!!! Save yourself the torture of going through what Karen and I did, bedridden...I was so dehydrated they couldn't put an IV in me without it burning me to the very core...The taliban would welcome such torture techniques...Got me praying out loud to God to take me...Don't go there honey...Stop it now, while YOU can stop it...If not for my husbands persistence that he would find the answers, ZI would not be alive today and continuing to better myself...I can actually sit upright again!!! It really is a miracle...

    If you think you are sick now, keep putting the pizza down into your gut, your gut will retaliate one day, I promise and no amount of Prevacid will help you...Continuing on this path will do more harm...

    Must go, hubby just made my plate~haddock, asparagus and brown rice...I know barrow, I shouldn't be eating them together, I'll get there...Dessert later will be to join me...

    Good Luck babyk, let us know what you plan to do next...need help? we're here...

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    jam, glad to see you are getting your stool analyzed! Too bad we can't all get together for a stool sample party and compare results and laugh about everything. Really, though, after all the tests I've seen listed on all these different web pages, and all the ones I thought I would like to do, I never, ever, EVER thought of doing a stool sample. That's the big secret to our illnesses, I guess. It's just so weird.

    And so is the collection kit! The little white cardboard "collection tray" they give you, which is really only convenient if you have a bidet, is usually something you get french fries in at diners!

    It is expensive, but at least we get results. The damn medical doctors are expensive and I didn't get ANY results from them regarding cfs. All the help I've gotten has been from chiropractors. Go figure!

    stool tests rule!
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    I'm glad you're feeling better and better! Very inspiring! I'm having a hard time with staying positive lately and I wonder if your optimism has anything to do with your improvements or if it's solely the diet changes? I hear all this stuff about mind/body connection but as time progesses and illness seemingly gets's tough. I have also switched docs and am seeing an llmd, don't have my Igenex results back yet, but am already on ABX for the co-infections which made me worse and now a bit better. But all my hard work with anti-candida diet out the door, I can feel it brewing. I'm back on diflucan, candidase, and tons of probiotics. Somewhere I read that seeds and nuts promote yeast because of fermentation I think, however I'm still eating them. I found these really good crackers check them out they are sooo addicting. But it says they are fermented so now I'm all paranoid. Also, do you think to drinking lemons and limes is good for helping with stomach acid? I drink a ton of this with stevia. If you've tested positive for lyme, are you gonna start ABX???? They have helped me but not the yeastie beasties!

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    Well, since mamadove said it, I won't but I did want to say WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING EATING PIZZA???!!!!

    Oops, I said it, anyway! But really, she's absolutely right, it's obvious you haven't gotten to that point that you're so bad off or you would be scared of putting things like pizza in your body. I was so bad in the beginning that I kept asking my doc if it was something I was eating that was making me feel so bad. By that time, I couldn't even drink alcohol without feeling like I was dying so that was out anyway. And he said no way is it the food.

    It was only much later, after like a year, that I finally told the doc I didn't want his help anymore - it was nonexistent anyway - and I went to a chiropractor as a last desperate measure, and it really helped. But what helped even more was the pamphlet he gave me about cfs and the first thing it mentioned was food intolerance. And that was the beginning of my hearing about it and I started looking into it.

    The first things I gave up were wheat and dairy. The damage they can do is pretty bad. Gluten does things like gum up the intestines and damages the intestinal lining where digested food particles and nutrients are absorbed. Read up on celiac disease for the specifics. The more you read about what's happening in your body, the less good the pizza will taste! It will make you unable to absorb the nutrients like vitamins and minerals in your food. And it will enable the bad bacteria to get a foothold and outnumber the good stuff. When you can't absorb nutrients, you can't really tell that's what's happening.

    That's just what cfs is, you can't absorb the nutrients from food. But you can still get the calories, so you don't exactly starve to death in a few days. It's the important stuff that can't get through. And there are also certain vitamins and enzymes that are dependent on a proper balance of gut bacteria to do their job right. One example is vitamin K, it's made by the bacteria in the guts and it's used to make blood platelets or something like that, can't remember exactly. But it's pretty important.

    That's the problem with food intolerance. It does slow, invisible damage and it can't really be determined without certain tests. Plus you don't feel bad right after eating that particular food so it just doesn't seem like anything is really wrong with what you're eating. One test that determines what's wrong is that comprehensive stool analysis and the others are tests about measuring the permeability of the gut lining to see what can get through. But there's no point in doing the permeability tests if they stool analysis shows gut dysbiosis because that's the cause of the problem.

    I can remember when I was 22. I was eating tons of pizza and milk products and I had massive hay fever problems and that should have been a clue. It would have been a clue if I knew then what I know now. Hay fever and allergies are not real allergies, they are the result of a hyperactive immune system that has become that way because of the body's inability to digest things like gluten and casein - the protein in milk.

    Pasteurized milk proteins are altered and hard to digest and the body's immune system goes after them like they were invaders. So it gets all hyperactive and becomes sensitive to other things, like cats and pollen in my case. As long as I don't consume milk or wheat products, I don't have any allergies to cats. But if I drink some milk for just a couple of days, I'll start sneezing my head off.

    You are at a tough age to have to deal with these things, but if you can summon up the willpower now to just do what you have to do to get completely over it, you can wipe it out and go back to a normal life. I don't know if it's safe for you to consume wheat and dairy ever again, though. They may be half the reason you have this disease. It's just safer not to eat them. Plus you will substitute healthy food instead, or at least you should make sure you do, and then you'll grow older feeling better than most of the population.

    Look at it this way, if you stay off wheat and dairy, it's extremely difficult to get fat. Eating tons of veggies and healthy food will keep you thin. It's the carbs and the nature of foods made of wheat and dairy that get people fat. I started getting pudgy after college. There are very tasty and satisfying foods made of wheat and dairy (Dairy Queen and their latest commercial comes to mind) and some of them are hard to resist. Just having to avoid them and making that one of your "rules for living" will keep you from craving them and will keep you healthier.

    You can make substitutes for anything using nuts, nut milks and fruit. Nuts can replace dairy because they are full of fat and protein like dairy and fats and proteins are satisfying. Just in case you don't know yet, fat is not fattening, it's carbs that are fattening. I am eating tons of raw nuts and I'm only 108 pounds. I have recipes for cookies, cakes, pies, ice cream and even cheesecake made from raw nuts, nut milks and fruits. Look on raw food websites for more info on raw food eating and "uncooking". These foods are healthy, satisfying and nonfattening.
    You want to keep nuts raw for eating because the oils in them become damaging to the body once they are heated like in roasting. You can get flavored and spiced nuts that have been sprouted first and these are the healthiest nuts you can eat.

    OMG, that's enough of a lecture for today. Don't let yourself get bad because it's a long climb out of this hole! Find some willpower and watch what you eat! If people laugh at you, look them dead in the eye without cracking a smile and ask them why on earth it is so funny that you are so careful about your health - and mention that you aren't laughing at them for eating badly which would make more sense.

    take care


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    I saw the crackers, they sound tasty! I know my doc said to avoid vinegar as it promotes yeast. But I don't know about fermented stuff like the sauerkraut. I'll put it in my list of questions and ask him next time I talk to him. Those are similar to the crackers I'm eating. Check out lydia's organics. I love the luna nori ones, and Italian and curry are also my favorites. They are made of sprouted nuts and veggies, too. They really satisfy the craving for something crunchy especially with my pumpkin soup. And now I'm putting butter on them!

    There's nothing wrong with eating raw nuts and seeds. It's better if they're sprouted so they're easier to digest. But only roasted nuts and seeds are a problem according to everything I've read. I'm consuming lots of raw nuts and seeds on a daily basis. My diet and the yeast kill pills have gotten rid of my yeast. I saw that on my last stool test.

    I think the gut fix with the diet change and pills to help digestion is the best thing I've done so far. I also think antibiotics can't really help without destroying the gut's ability to operate properly. And that's the heart of the immune system and how you get your nutrition. What I'm doing is working, and since I just found out I have lyme, I've started a couple of homeopathic things just today. But most of the stuff I was already taking to fix the gut was part of the doctor's lyme protocol anyway. And there are no antibiotics in this protocol. He uses no drugs, only supplements. I guess I'll have to wait and see about if the lyme protocol works. I just did the test last week.

    I don't think lemon or lime juice is enough to help with stomach acid. I did read that a good test to see if you are lacking in stomach acid is to eat a salad with lots of lemon juice or vinegar and if it doesn't bother your stomach like other food, then you are likely deficient in stomach acid. But if you have cfs or fibro, it's almost a sure bet you are low in stomach acid. Betaine hcl is the thing to take. It's been instrumental in my recovery. Hard to believe something so simple, available at any health food store, is so important. I would definitely try the betaine hcl with meals. I'm up to 3 700 mg pills at each meal. And one with just a snack of nuts.

    Are you avoiding grains and high carb stuff like potatoes and fruits?

  11. brainfoggy

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    No potatoes or sugar. I've done this for the past 9 months. Avocado, chicken, fish, veggies with low carbs and sugar, seeds, nuts, juicing...yep that's about it. The only thing I miss is fruit. I was always a pretty healthy eater no junk food but ate tons of fruit, oh yeah and red wine :) I have been taking betain hcl with protein but it still burns and I only take one. Weird. I just tough it out as I does help. I will check out that website. Those snacks are pricey but GOOD. I never thought I'd be eating all this funky stuff. I bought a couple bags of fresh seaweed yesterday cause I read it helps with thyroid function and minerals. Now that is nasty!!! Yeah I have mixed feeling about these ABX...I know it's tough to erradicate these co-infections (I tested positive for Cpn and Mycoplasma) and lyme even with ABX and if you get on the lyme board they will tell you you absolutely need the ABX. But they destroy the gut!!!!! So my thinking now is treat the bacterial/organisms while attempting to do whatever I can to keep yeast under control. Treating the yeast while on ABX is good, but unfortunately not enough.
  12. Catseye

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    Sounds like you've got the diet down pat! And that reminds me, I bought some seaweed a while ago and I haven't tried it yet! I'll have to break it out, it's supposed to be nice and crunchy. And I've been eating tons of pumpkin soup, it's probably perfect for it. Glad you mentioned it.

    Can you tell if the burning is down in your stomach or is it the upper sphincter not staying closed and letting stuff pass and it's burning down in your lower esophagus?

  13. brainfoggy

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    It's definitely in my esophogus not stomach. Throat area and lower... could it be stuck with all of the other horse pills I usually take around meals? I don't drink much before or after meals as I was told this stops the digestion process.
  14. brainfoggy

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    I bought fresh seaweed preserved in sea salt (extremely salty) its blue, red, hiziki, gulfweed and kelp but if you buy it dehydrated the book recommends dulse as highest in minerals and you've got to roast for a few minutes to make it crunchy. That sounds mixed with the pumpkin soup!
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    Just don't drink a lot with meals. You can drink enough to take some pills. I wouldn't drink more than a glass of water but don't try to not drink anything at all. It's probably not the amount of betaine hcl you're taking, then, it sounds like a problem with the upper sphincter staying closed properly. I haven't had that problem so I'm not sure what to do about it. I would try to look up some things about the esophageal sphincter to see if there's an easy fix.

    A quick peek at GERD on google turned up orange peel and some other simple recommendations. Search for "GERD natural remedies". I don't really know enough about it to suggest anything. All I know is that it is probably somehow related to diet. There must be something you're eating that your body doesn't like. GERD, or acid reflux, can damage the esophagus eventually, so try to run down what's causing it.

    If you're eating alot of the dehyrated crackers, remember that dehydrated foods are seriously lacking in moisture and you should probably drink a glass of water with them to help digestion. You just don't want an excess of fluids because that would dilute the acid in the stomach. But you do need SOME fluid in there with the food. I would wonder about the lemon/lime juices aggravating the GERD. If you're drinking excess acidic juices, that might be a problem. I remember reading a long time ago that citrus juices were something to avoid with cfs, though I don't remember why. I know I had to stop drinking orange and lemon juices like I had been having with breakfast every morning.

    Another thing good for digestion and the digestive system is ginger. Try some ginger tea or what I do is take about 3 tsp or so of minced ginger and put it in boiling water to steep for 15 minutes and add a dollop of lemon juice. The lemon is more for flavor so maybe you should let it alone for awhile to see if that's the problem, but ginger is the best remedy I've found for digestive ailments like stomach and gallbladder pain. It tastes pretty good and it can't hurt anything.

    I have wasabe seaweed. And it did say to put it in the oven to get it crispy first before putting in soups or salads. I'll try it tomorrow.

    ooh, it's late, got to go to bed soon!

    take care

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    Jam, I wouldn't bother with the tests for celiac if you have to pay for them. Because gluten is so bad for any of us with digestive problems anyway, so you already know you have to avoid it. You can assume you have the damage. You are going to treat the damage by treating the guts regardless, so you'd be wasting money on that test.

    I did the initial testing with Central Florida Research for the lyme. Now I'm supposed to do a DNA test for it. I don't really understand all of it, yet, I'm still new to it. I haven't really posted all about it yet, I just mentioned it in a couple of posts.

    It's late and I'm sleepy!


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    I am sitting here amazed at how many of my questions you have just answered, and without my even asking them! I just have one more...have you ever thought of writing a cookbook or a nutritional guide to better health through eating?

    I truly want to eat better, I do! It's just that, aside from staying away from wheat, dairy and gluten, I am lost. What does that leave me? And how do I feed my family of three, very much "meat-eating" men, when I am trying to adopt this healthier way of eating? We need you to write a book, seriously! I'll bet it would be a best-seller!
  18. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    The meat eating men are probably never going to change no matter how tasty and satisfying the new stuff is. It's too manly to eat bad and unless they're suffering, they won't be hard pressed enough to change. So cook them their regular poison and worry about yourself!

    I'll have a site with everything, probably even a book! But for now there are some things you can do:

    Have baked chicken. Use spices like curry, thyme, sage and throw in some chopped up onions, garlic and peppers (all colors). Just put it all wrapped in foil and bake until it's done. Okay, there's your healthy chicken.

    Use cage free and organic eggs. They're much more expensive than regular eggs, but we're still only talking about $3 per dozen or so. Eat as many as you want. I eat them fried in coconut oil. Boiled or poached is good, too. Poach eggs in water with a tiny bit of vinegar in it and they will stay in one piece. It's not that hard. That crap about eggs and cholesterol is just that: crap. Look it up.

    For veggies, the biggest mistake people make is trying to eat one vegetable by itself. Veggies are dirt, they grow in it and they turn into it later. So they don't taste good. If you want to argue the point, show me some veggie flavored chewing gum. Okay, end of argument.

    To eat veggies, get a whole bunch of different ones like broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, squash, peppers (very important, the more the better of red, green, orange and yellow), onions and garlic. Chop them all up really small. The goal is that when you get a spoonful of the veggies to put in your mouth, you want pieces small enough so that you get several different veggies pieces in each bite. It's mixing them together that makes them edible. And you want to boil or steam them in chicken broth.

    You don't need much water in the pot, just barely enough to cover, but use chicken broth in the water. Just make sure you get chicken broth without msg. I like Better Than Bouillon. It's like $6 a jar, but it's really tasty and doesn't have msg. But it has to be refrigerated after you open the jar! Don't forget this! Only boil everything until it's no longer hard. The more you cook it, the more nutrients get lost so try not to overdo it but don't toss them if you did, eat them anyway. After awhile, you can figure out which veggies you like better and include more of them in the mix.

    Broccoli by itself sucks. Except for one way: put real butter all over it and if you like it, some minced garlic. You'd be suprised how edible butter can make it. Do not EVER EVER EVER use margarine. It is poison. And all those healthy oil spreads? A big, fat, effing lie. They're all poison, too. Look it up. Steam the broccoli in chicken broth (chicken broth is your new staple spice) and try to cook it just until it's not too hard. If it's a bit firm, it's got more nutrients and is more edible. If you like it totally mushy, it's still better than not eating veggies.

    Remember, when you eat veggies, not only are you eating healthy food, but you're also NOT eating something else that could be less healthy. It's taking up food room in your stomach. It's always better to fill up on veggies. Eat them all day long, as much as you want. I always keep a big pot of this veggie soup and also pumpkin soup in my fridge. I have them every day, with breakfast lunch and dinner. I alternate between the two and even have a bowl of the veggies for snacks in between meals.

    They good really good with the crackers from lydia's organics. They are expensive, too, but healthy is expensive. Unless you're really loaded, you'll probably go broke trying to make the above veggie soup out of organic veggies, but it's still better to have non-organic veggies than no veggies so if money's tight, don't worry and just do regular veggies. I don't think I can even get organic veggies where I am.

    The pumpkin soup I eat is made from something called ayujama or something like that. It's a big gourd that is orange inside. It's onions, garlic and the gourd boiled in chicken broth and then put through the blender. I don't know if regular pumpkin would work, but this stuff is delicious.

    The other treats I eat tons of are dehydrated veggies. I discovered a veggie tempuraw at a raw food websites and they were so incredibly tasty, I started making them myself with my dehydrator. I use zucchini sliced really thin, onions like you would make for onion rings, and peppers (all colors, esp red) sliced in strips.

    The "batter" is made from cashews or almonds, onion, garlic, parsley and salt. I always soak the raw cashews first for like an hour. The almonds will sprout the next day, so those I soak overnight. Whichever one I am going to use - almonds or cashews - I stick in the blender with the other ingredients and a little water then blend until it's like a paste. If you like curry, try some of that in there. You can experiment with spices. You are relearning food preparation, so feel free to play around to get things the way you like best.

    I dump the sliced veggies in a bowl with the paste and mix them all up so they're coated with it, then I lay them out in the dehydrator at like 115 degrees for about 24 hours. These are hard to put down once you start eating them! The peppers are chewy and crunchy and totally awesome, my favorite. The onions are a close second, just like onion rings - crunchy and thin since they're all dried out. The zucchini is last, but by no means least. It's crunchy and has a great flavor. I don't know if this is an acquired taste or not, but I did like the veggie tempuraw when I got it the first time. It was just really expensive so I started to make my own and figured that I liked the peppers, onion and zucchini the best.

    The tempuraw stuff also used snow peas, but I thought they took too long to dry. And since I'm on low carbs, I didn't use the root veggies they used, either, like sweet potatoes and dakon (I think that's a root one, not sure, can't get it anyway). This is a perfectly healthy snack that you can eat as much as you want, all day long. You might even get the men to eat it if you can get them to try it. I just can't make enough, I have my dehydrator going all the time. Stick these in a bag and you can take them anywhere.

    Fish and meats are pretty much like the chicken. You want to try baking things like chicken and fish wrapped in foil with spices and fresh veggies like onions, garlic and peppers. Meats are good broiled and on the grill. You want to avoid stuff like potatoes and carrots, they are too high on the glycemic index and they feed the bad guys in the gut.

    One exception to the carrots, the lydia's organic crackers and the ones I make at home using the same ingredients, have carrots in them. It's not enough to make a difference. One average carrot has a few grams of sugar. But if you're making them in the crackers, you're lucky if you're eating one carrot for the whole day so no big deal. Just don't put carrots in your soup or juice or steam any to eat by themselves. Root vegetables in general have too many carbs. Plus you'll find they are way filling and satisfying and you end up getting stuffed on them instead of the healthier stuff. The root stuff is potatoes, yucca, carrots, beets, etc.

    Once you get the hang of the above, you can move on to "uncooking" with nuts and fruits. Start looking at raw food websites for ideas. If you think it's all salads and stuff, think again. You can even make creamy mushroom dishes with nut milks. And pates and crackers out of veggies and nuts and spices. I have a recipe for cheesecake made with raw cashews and fruit that I'm dying to try when I finally am able to get off this no carb diet. It's the fruit that I can't have now. I eat tons of nuts, but only raw! Roasted nuts have rancid oils, avoid them. Another brand of nuts that are really great but really expensive is living nutz. I get their sprouted and dehydrated almonds. They have different flavors. My favorite is the zesty almonds. Look in your local health food store, they'll probably have bins full of raw nuts that you can buy by the pound. Cashews and macadamia are the most expensive, but my old store used to have things like teriyaki almonds that were much cheaper.

    Also, there is another company that makes chipote pistachios. You'll see them at raw food websites that sell things like lydia's organic crackers. Really great stuff! You can even make them yourself with a dehydrator. I have an Excalibur and it's made me able to make some real goodies. Check out some dehydrator recipes on google, you'll be amazed with what you can make. We have just been subjected to crappy food all of our lives and have to relearn food the healthy way. Then you will find that healthy is far more satisfying and guilt free. With junk, like chinese food, you tend to get hungry a little while later but with this stuff, you're good to go for hours until your next meal.

    Okay, that's a start, can't hit you with too much at once or you'll blow a fuse!

  19. richvank

    richvank New Member

    Hi, brainfoggy.

    Paradoxically, many cases of GERD are caused by low stomach acid production, rather than too much stomach acid. The idea is that if the stomach acid production is low, the signal doesn't get sent to move the food into the duodenum when it's time to do that, so it goes back into the esophagus. Also, digestion is poor, because the signal is not sent to bring in the digestive juices from the pancreas to the duodenum when it's time for that.

    Stomach acid production is often low in CFS. I think the reason is that it takes a lot of ATP to operate the ion pumps that bring the hydrogen ions into the stomach, against a big concentration gradient. ATP production in the parietal cells of the stomach, which produce the acid, is hindered in CFS because of mitochondrial dysfunction, initially caused by glutathione depletion, in my hypothesis.

    If you want to test to see if your stomach acid is low, you can try this simple test at home: On an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning, drink an 8-ounce glass of water into which you have mixed one-quarter teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Using a clock or watch, measure how long it is before you burp. If you have enough stomach acid, you should burp within two minutes. If you haven't burped within 5 minutes, you can stop timing.

    As you know, betaine-HCl is a remedy for low stomach acid, and can be helpful until the glutathione level is corrected, which I believe will eventually happen on the methylation cycle block treatment, and stomach acid production is restored. I can't give individual treatment advice unless a licensed physician is involved, so I recommend that you check with your doctor before using betaine-HCl. Also, if you are trying the methylation cycle block treatment, the betaine may speed up what Dr. Amy Yasko calls the short-cut pathway in the methylation cycle, through betaine hydroxymethyltransferase (BHMT), too much, so this can require a compromise.

    Conventional doctors tend to prescribe proton pump inhibitor drugs in cases of GERD without actually testing to see what the stomach acid level is. This will relieve the symptoms of GERD, but it doesn't help the problems with the overall digestive system, and can actually make them worse. It's better to test first to see what the situation is. There are more sophisticated tests (which also cost more and must be done by a doctor) such as the Heidelberg capsule test. There are also string-type devices that you swallow and pull back out after a while, which change color depending on the pH.

  20. Catseye

    Catseye Member

    Rich, thanks so much for chiming in! That's an interesting burp test, BTW. I think I'll try it after awhile to see if I'm making my own stomach acid again. I might be right now, even. But I'll wait 'til I'm cured to stop my betaine hcl.

    thanks again, very insightful