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    Hey there ... Where'd the thread go ??? There was some really interesting info there ... It was like taking a vacation in the DR.

    You're really good at describing your environment ...

    How r u ? How is Tony ? Paco ? Did you get your food yet ?

    I spent the day cooking and hanging out at home. I'm re-cooperating from eating gluten on Saturday. Back to Nature crackers have officially been eliminated : )

    I made some funky new cookies with amaranth flour, apples, raisins and buckwheat groats. No sugar ...

    ok, I'm done thinking for now .... marcia

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    Too much happened in the few days Tony was gone but he's back, Paco's back to normal and I'll be back later today. I've got more dumb, useless info and adventures from down here. I just needed a couple of days of rest.

    I don't have my food yet!!! I have to have chocolate and Rawtella!!!

    And Tony brought me all kinds of flour: millet, buckwheat and quinoa. I think I'll get Victoria to do some banana bread, first. How are those cookies? I've got a ton of honey to use now, too.

    I've got some things to do now, but I'll continue it on this thread later so we don't have to scroll down and goto LAST everytime, that gets old.

    I also have an appt with my massage therapist this afternoon. My mom wanted one, too, so I made her one. Then she told me later that she won't take her clothes off and doesn't want any "grease" rubbed all over her. I have to warn Lisa! I get an hour for 1000 pesos, about $30.

    see you later,

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    These are pretty good actually ... I copied this in from mindconnection dot com ..

    This recipe is ideal for anyone who doesn't want the insulin swings, osteoporosis, increased risk of diabetes, excess bodyfat, and tooth decay that come from eating refined sugar. It's also ideal for anyone who doesn't want the clogged arteries and saturated fat that butter provides. These cookies contain required-for-health unsaturated fats. And they are delicious!

    1 cup canola oil (or any unsaturated oil)
    2 eggs, large (preferably free-range)
    2 bananas, medium (or use pureed apples for less sugar)
    1 apple
    1 cup water
    1 cup amaranth flour
    1 cup soy flour
    1 cup oat groats (not oatmeal)
    ½ cup raisins, medium
    2 tbspn arrowroot powder
    1 tsp baking soda
    ¼ tsp salt
    2 oz vanilla
    2 tblspn cinnamon

    Preheat oven to 375 ºF.
    Apply coating of oil to cookie pan.
    Mix oil, eggs in large bowl.
    Puree apple in blender (do NOT peel), using about ½ the water.
    Add pureed apples to mix, rinse blender into bowl with remaining water.
    Mix in amaranth.
    Mix in soy.
    Mix in the other dry ingredients, except cinnamon.
    After mixing the above, add cinnamon and vanilla.
    Add water as needed for consistency.
    Drop onto cookie sheet and bake 15 to 17 minutes.

    The cookies will be soft, and they are entirely dunkable! These use no saturated fat or processed sugar. The cinnamon will boost your metabolism (burning fat in the process), and the high protein of the amaranth and soy will nourish your muscles. The fat in these is the kind your body needs for healthy nerves and tissue, as well as for the metabolism of other fats. The fruits provide fiber and (except for the raisins) low-glycemic sugar.

    I used flax meal instead of eggs, all apples since I didn't have any bananas, brown rice flour + red lentil flour instead of soy, buckwheat groats instead of oat groats, added 1/2 c almond meal, didn't have arrowroot, used 1 pkg of gelatin and only used 1 tbsp of vanilla. ** My whole bottle of vanilla is only 1 oz. They must not be using vanilla extract ??

    This recipe makes at least 4 dozen cookies. I made 1/2 a batch.

    I can't taste the amaranth. Only the cinnamon, apples and raisins ... Yum ..

    Enjoy your massage ... I haven't had one in over a year now .. WAAA !!

    Maybe your mother will change her mind when she hears the soothing music .. LOL


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    Just in time for Tony to go to the store. We'll make these first!

    It's almost time to go, I hope my mom doesn't embarrass me1

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    Mom enjoyed it and didn't whine. And it put me to sleep as usual. Then it's a mad dash home because I'm always starving afterwards. Her house is on the beach and we were out on the balcony and it was really windy, today. I had a sheet on me but I was almost cold. The oils she uses smell wonderful, lemon and lavendar today, sometimes peppermint.

    We just stopped by Coastal, the small gas and grocery store near out house, to get some fruit for Marcia's cookies that Victoria's going to make in the morning. While Tony was in the store, some dizzy lady and her little girl were leaving. The lady's SUV was parked getting gas. Well, she came out of the store, got in her car and drove off with the gas pump thingie still stuck in her car. That caused a big ruckus for a minute. She stopped, words were exchanged and then she got in her car and drove off. When she tried to drive off the first time, it pulled the hose off the gas pump and since they don't understand safety around here, you never know what could happen. We left in a hurry. I'm still waiting for the big boom.

    New Year's was bad enough. Everybody was lighting off fireworks and scared the heck out of my big doggie, D-day. He was petrified. Paco didn't seem to mind, probably because he's deaf (selectively, I believe). But Paco always knows when it's going to rain. He's like our own weather channel. When he starts shivering and looking for a place to hide, you know it's going to rain.

    When we first got here, during winter, everytime it rained hard I couldn't understand why there was never any thunder. Absolutely never! And it was like that until summer. Then we got much louder and brighter thunder and lightning than I had ever seen in my life. It scared ME it was so loud. And the lightning lit up everything even in broad daylight. And it just pours tons of water. Some places can flood pretty fast. They are pretty good about storm drains in the cities and neighborhoods.

    And speaking of water, I'm going to have another run in with the water company. I noticed our water pressure was getting less and less the last few days and today, when we left the house, we saw another leak in the street, this time in a different place than the big one up from the house. So this one isn't leaking into my yard, at least, but I don't know how I'm going to get them to fix it. I may just have to pay someone to fix it myself; it may cost me a whole 500 pesos.

    They have real problems with parenting around here. The idiots who moved in across the street let their young teenage daughter drink beer in the yard. I have completely overhauled the way Victoria conducts herself with her children. When she told me what went on in her house, I was horrified. The kids ruled everything! They never did any chores - at all, none. They sit and watch tv when they get home from their 3 hours worth of school and then, sit down for this, Victoria would ask them what they want for dinner!!!

    She's got 2 boys and a girl. The girl is 7 and the boys are 9 and 12. So you can imagine what I told her about parenting; even though I don't have any children, I know that you can't be their friend, like she has been trying to do. And she was always complaining how she has so much work to do when she gets home: cooking, cleaning and laundry. Well, the men in this country don't like to do any of those things, that's all women's work here.

    So I explained how if she lets her kids raise themselves, they will break her heart one day. So now they are all helping with household chores, they don't watch tv until they're done, they go to bed by 9:00 (she was letting them stay up as late as they wanted, like 11:00), and they eat what SHE wants to make for dinner which includes more veggies BTW; she has now learned the art of "discipline". It was fun teaching her this. She always thought it was bad to make the kids mad at her. Isn't that a hoot? Now if they don't eat their veggies, they can't watch tv after dinner!

    She understands all of this, it's just that nobody ever told her. She said that nobody ever put it in terms like: "they need a mother, they already have plenty of friends and friends don't care about them". I told her that's how the bad mommies and daddies are in the US, letting the kids do whatever they want and then they end up pregnant and on drugs and break your heart. Being a good mommy is no guarantee that won't happen anyway, but it's what you have to do to get them to learn responsibility. Then there's a much better chance that they'll turn out to be good people.

    They aren't done with my bathroom yet. They chipped an inch off the brand new sink putting it back in. I hope they have porcelain "touch up" stuff. And I'm waiting for Jas to put in the gas water heater. I can't wait to sit in a tub full of hot water. The plumber had specific instructions of how to run the pipes and he didn't do it right. But that's normal.

    Every time you hire somebody, it's one of the 3 Stooges that shows up. We had a dead tree in the yard and needed it removed. A bunch of guys came with axes so it took 2 days, it was a big tree. So they're all whacking at it like they're swatting flies and you have to remind yourself that there is no liability when they hack their own foot off but you're still fascinated by watching them.

    It's like watching the guys and gals that hack up the coconuts. They hold the coconut upright in one hand and then start hacking at it horizontally with the other, using a really large machete. You just know you're going to see a thumb or a knuckle fly off at any second, but they do it with stunning precision.

    I was kind of worried about getting Miguel a lawnmower and weedeater for the yard. Like what part of his body is he most likely to lose? But Tony explained everything very well and he seems to have adopted a "safe us" approach. This is very rare, though. Again, we got lucky when we found Miguel. I fired his boss when I found out he was keeping most of the money and letting Miguel do all the work.

    Now Miguel gets lunch here, everyday, too. He doesn't work in the yard everyday, but I told Victoria to feed him. Nobody else does! He's only 19 and he's so cute, but he refuses to eat healthy like brown rice! He wants his greasy white rice, beans and platanos most of the time. So he gets what he wants. You can only preach so much.

    So back to the tree guys: They tied the branches to the trunk before they cut them like they were supposed to, but they still dropped the largest branch on the roof, crushing some tiles and then it crunched the chain link fence in 2 places when it rolled off the roof. But this doesn't get me mad, I have no idea why. I wonder if they know how much easier life would be with a chain saw? I was watching tv when I heard the big crunch and boom. So I went out there, I was just curious to see what I already knew happened.

    They had these really funny looks on their faces, like I was going to eat them or something. My God, come on guys, you're all holding axes! And I saw it and just started laughing, it looked so funny! The crunched up roof, tiles broken and falling, and the chain like fence just smooshed like it was made of balsa. So well all just stood there and laughed and lauged. They did bend the fence back to where it looks allright, it just looks like a fence with cfs. I think I took a picture of it, can't remember.

    You know what gets me mad, though? What really burns me up? Idiots driving. My favorite new phrase here that I yell out the window is "Tu conduces como una mujer!" That means "you drive like a woman!" That is a real insult here! And not just because of the chauvinistic attitude of the men, but also because Dominican women can't drive. They're like the dumbest teen driver you've ever seen.

    One time we were parked at a store and this lady was backing up straight for our car. You could see her in her SUV, traveling backward but facing and looking forward. The dizzy broad would have failed High School Driving 101. Tony layed on the horn but she kept coming. She missed us by 1/2 an inch, she never even saw us. They are so busy looking cool (or so they think, like teens) that they have no clue about what's going on around them. And they all hold the steering wheel like they just had their nails done.

    The heck of it is, they usually do look cool. They have these great sunglasses here and Dominican women are usually very pretty. They have beautiful dark skin with no blemishes and they are all so slim, many are tall. And all of them wear tight, painted-on pants, whether they're fat or not. And even to work!

    okay, tired, have to rest and eat and select recipes for V tomorrow!

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    I was hoping we'd get a good story out of that too LOL

    I have to drug my dogs during the lightning storms here. I love lighting storms, but my dogs freak out.

    Are the problems with the water because y'all just moved in and the water pressure is creating problems ?

    How common are coconuts down there ? I've seen them on the trees in Miami, but we don't have them.

    Let me know how your cookies turn out ... I really have to freeze these and stop eating them ; )


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    That's one thing I have, a neverending supply of coconuts. My mom has a ton in her yard but I don't have any palms in mine. Plus they're sold all over town. You can always pull over to a coconut stand and watch someone chop them up for you. I bring a pitcher for the water and a tupperware for the meat.

    I'm going to get V to make the cookies and banana bread tomorrow. I'm probably going to eat myself sick with them tomorrow, too. Can't wait!

    I forgot, I've got to do some W2s for my friend in GA. Dang, now I have to think. If you (or anybody) have any tax questions or IRS problems, include them in this post. Between me and Tony, there's nothing we can't answer. He did all the hardest tax returns and I did all the payroll at the offices. We're still doing some of our friend's tax returns back in the US.

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    Just wanted to say real quick that these cookies call for 1 cup of oil and I am tasting oil tonight ... gross ...

    You might want to make them with less ...

    I'm watching Boston Legal .. gotta go ... marcia