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    I saw a comment somewhere you made about lyme disease. Can you tell me what bacteria you tested positive to? What test it was? I have often wondered if I have Lyme for 16 years now. I tested negative then and just last week to the western blot test. I would love to speak with you, any info you can give me would be WONDERFUL. Thanks so much!
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    Hi katco,

    I had a test done by Central Florida Research - borrelia burgdorferi direct fluorescent antibody by flow cytometry. I was very surprised. One of the docs I saw when I first got sick had me do a lyme test, I'm not sure which one, and it was negative. It was probably the Elisa test.

    I'm really a newbie lymie and there are people on here who know much more about it. I'm getting treated for CFS by Dr. Farr now and when the lyme test came back positive, we didn't really change anything. The low carb diet remained the same and so did the supplements. He added a couple of things, but everything I was already doing was focused on fixing the guts, which is the heart of the immune system, and digestion. The guts, digestion and the immune system are all tied together, which means you have to address them all at once.

    A properly functioning immune system is your best bet against any foreign invader. Medical doctors don't treat the immune system, they already have plenty of drugs that kill things that they readily dole out to people. The drugs are profitable means of treatments but the immune system/gut and digestion can't be fixed with drugs, only supplements and diet, so doctors won't deal with them or even diagnose a problem. I don't know how many times I've read that "detoxing is useless because the liver is able to detox the body all by itself". That's true ONLY if it's not broken! And our livers are broken! They are malfunctioning miserably, but they can be fixed.

    I found my expert at becomehealthynow and he's fixing mine. But you won't find a medical doctor who can do this. They wait until it's so severely broken it's about to die, then they try to sell you a new one at $100,000-$250,000. That's much more lucrative than a few hundred dollars worth of food and supplements.

    You have to treat digestion so you can absorb and assimilate the nutrients in the food and supplements you're taking. The best advice I can give is you about your digestive and immune system. See what I'm doing at my thread "toxic guts, toxic body, who do a comprehensive stool analysis", or maybe you already saw it. The stool test will tell you how your immune system/guts and digestion are doing. I once asked Dr. Farr how many CFSers he's treated and he said hundreds. Then I asked him how many had normal stool analysis test results and he said none. I was already convinced that all CFSers have digestion and liver problems, and that just confirmed it.

    rocky's right, the lyme board is full of experts who have known they had it longer than I have and they have explored tests and treatment options and know all the different symptoms. I've got a life again so I've stopped doing so much reading and I'm out of the house more. I see that Dr. Farr really knows his stuff, since I've improved so much, and I'm counting on his tests and treatments to take care of these problems. It's working so far.

    I can answer questions about digestion, guts and livers much better than I can about lyme! I'm just a young lymie, the old timers will know more!

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    Thanks Karen,

    I don't know what I have or where to start anymore. Thought I had it under control, or the pain anyway. But this burning is driving me crazy, and I have been having trouble with breathing, chin itching, can't clear throat...its weird. Nothing seems to work. Took claritin, gave me headaches.

    I am allergic to everything, but I have been for some 25 years and it has never bothered me, so I don't see how its the same allergies now.

    They thought I had celiac, but it was negative too. And just last night I awoke to incredible pain in my right side, mostly stomach, It reminded me of labor. It takes a lot to make me cry, that did. After about 20 minutes it went away. STRANGE.

    Anyway thanks for your response.
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    I think allergies are a classic sign that digestion is messed up. I had hay fever for 30 years, and a horrendous cat allergy, which all went away from giving up diary. Dairy can cause other allergens to bother you more because it makes the immune system hypersensitive. The pasteurization process alters the protein molecule and the body recognizes it as a foreign invader.

    Milk and gluten are very sticky proteins that cause problems in a couple of different ways. They are extremely hard to break down, so they remain as undigested food particles in the intestines. They can damage the intestinal lining because they essentially "gum up" the villi and if they damage them, they can even pass through into the bloodstream. They can also congest the liver. You don't have to be a true celiac to have problems with wheat.

    If you are allergic to everything (basically), does that mean you have a very restricted diet or you just put up with the allergies? I think you should cut out all gluten and dairy from your diet, they are common causes of allergies, along with the other prime culprits: corn, soy, eggs, nuts, shellfish. In my case, it seems like it's how well you break the food down as to whether it will cause allergy problems. I have to cut out all wheat and dairy, and I was having problems digesting everything.

    So I wasn't digesting the casein and gluten enough for them not to bother me. And I guess this had been going on for thirty years. Nuts I can eat as long as I take betaine hcl and digestive enzymes. Shellfish are bottom feeders and loaded with toxins. I can probably break down the proteins okay in my stomach and intestines, but the toxins are better off not going in my body until I'm well again.
    I don't eat corn and don't have a problem with eggs as long as I take my betaine hcl and enzymes.

    Once gluten and casein clog up the intestines, which is also the heart of your immune system, they can really mess you up. So what's your diet like? And could that pain have been your gallbladder? Eating fat could bring that on, or it could happen at anytime for seemingly no reason. I have had attacks in the middle of the night, long after eating. I just tried lying on my right side and it passed in a few minutes. That would be right below your heart and a little bit to the right of center.

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