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    I looked up Kreb's Cycle Chelates, looks like an interesting product. I use other Enzymatic Therapy products, and trust the company.

    The full dose has a hefty amount of magnesium in it. I've used magnesium malate, and had to discontinue it because of intestinal upset from it. Is the KCC formula gentler or more easily used by the body?

    How and why did you start using the KCC?

    I hope you don't mind these questions. This is a new product to me, so I'd like to know your story with it. I need to go out tomorrow and buy more Air Power, also made by Enzymatic Therapy, so I may go ahead and get the KCC also.

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    Hi, I actually got the idea for minerals from a naturopathic doctor I saw here that poked me and checked me with a pendulum and told me to get a mineral and a potassium supplement. I ordered one but didn't pay much attention to the quality of the minerals in it, like it had magnesium oxide which is supposed to be a not-so-easily absorbed form. It helped a bit but when I came across this one, I had been reading about more absorbable forms of supplements and I ordered it. It has helped tremendously.

    Apparently, when a mineral is chelated or "wrapped" in an amino acid, it is more easily utilized by the body, ALOT more. It goes right through the intestines into the blood stream without the chance of the minerals binding to other substances in the digestive tract.

    And minerals, I was finally figuring out, are mostly responsible for the beating of your heart, at least magnesium, potassium and calcium. So when I saw the Kreb's Cycle Chelates and it said "a scientifically balanced combination of minerals for heart health", it really caught my eye.

    4 pills, their "serving size", has 400mg of magnesium, so that's about right for cfs

    Plus, I usually only take 3 per day. I'm also taking the Daily Energy Enfusion and it has some magnesium (glycinate), too, 200mg, same company.

    I, too, was taking magnesium malate at one time because I thought it was the best at the time.

    I've never had intestinal upset that I could attribute to magnesium because I just seem to have it all the time, anyway. My bowels are actually now just getting back to "normal", although I almost can't remember what the heck that is, even. I don't think the Kreb's bother me at all.

    The other products I used from Enzymatic Therapy, just FYI, were Adrenal Stress End for when I had adrenal fatigue (worked like a charm in 2 months) and the Thyroid support formula. I didn't know if I had thyroid problems or not, I just took it to be safe. It's mostly only nutrients, anyway, it's not like it would put my thyroid into overdrive if I wasn't low to begin with. That was early this year when I was focused on the endocrine problems. I had, of course, gone to the doctor first and all tests for hormones were normal. But when I took DHEA and pregnenolone (these are precursors to some of the other hormones, your body can use them to make what it needs), I felt better.
    Go figure! I had all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue but the doctor just says I have a "normal" cortisol level and that's that!

    I'm feeling so good, now, I'm stopping alot of the supplements, but I won't stop the Kreb's or the Daily Energy Enfusion(incidentally, formulated by Teitelbaum, cfs expert). They're the best. And one other pill I found: magnesium aspartate and potassium aspartate. Aspartate is supposed to be a mineral transporter, supposed to facilitate the entry of potassium and magnesium into the cells. I have read in several pages and my alternative medicine guide that they help people with fibro and cfs for fatigue, muscle spasms and ventricular ectopic beats (extra heartbeat). The pills I have say this:

    each pill contains:
    magnesium aspartate 250 mg (providing 30 mg of elemental mag)
    potassium aspartate 250 mg (providing 55 mg of elemental pot)

    I take 3 a day, 1 with each Kreb's pill.

    I don't mind questions at all, it's so nice to see my brain start to function again. It makes me happy that I can retrieve this info from my poor, beaten-up brain. You may want to consider the Daily Energy Enfusion, it has vitamins, some minerals and lots of amino acids, super stuff. I can't tolerate a full scoop at one time so I do 1/4 scoop about 4-5 times per day. It's probably better for your body that way anyway.

    good luck to you!

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    Good info, thanks. I plan to get to a healthy foods store tomorrow, so I will look into the other products you mentioned. So nice that this is a company I already know and trust.

    I've used their Air-Power product for several years now. My doc keeps wanting me to take an albuterol inhaler, and I keep refusing. I have some allergic breathing issues occasionally, and the Air-Power just takes care of the problem. Twenty minutes after I take two pills I've forgotten there was a problem and have NO side effects. It's a miracle product! It contains guaifenesin and lung supportive herbs.

    I've also started going to a wonderful chiropractor who primarily uses upper cervical adjustments, and have high hopes for improvement through working with her. She has fibromyalgia also, went to chiro school to learn to help others, after she got her life back through chiro treatments.

    And no, the chiro care is not covered by insurance. Seems like anything that helps me, the insurance won't cover. Oh, well, it's my choice! Says something about either the state of medical care avaialable to those of us with difficult to manage problems, or about my own stubbornness about how I want to manage my care.

    Hope your holidays are happy and healthy!