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    Hi, How've you been? Good I hope, I haven't seen any posts from you but I had a question regarding the bladder issue.

    If you remember I was prescribed Flomax. I actually do not think I should take it. There giving me the Flomax because they think I have an obstruction.

    I honestly think it has nothing to do with a blockage (due to what happenned during the testing). I'm producing an unbelievably large amount of urine.

    I know you had some type of issue and corrected it using a hormone (I think), before I do anything else I'm going to go for a second opinion.

    I'm just afraid that what is happenning to me will be permanent. Do you have any type of suggestion what type of Dr I should see? My gynecologist diagnosed me with the bladder outlet obstruction. I had also seen an endocrinologist at one point who didn't seem concerned about my labs being out of whack. Would you say a urologist?

    One more thing, at one point last year my primary doc drew bloods and my BUN was out of the normal range, when I questioned my doctor she said I was probably drinking too much water. (At that point I was lucky if I was drinking 1/2 glass of water a day, I was living on coffee)

    Does any of this make sense to you? I know most of your problems happenned at night. I'm not waking up in the middle of the night having to pee or anything.

    As you can see, I'm quite confused. If you could shed some light I would really appreciate it. I hope your doing as well as can be. I hope you don't mind this long winded post. Hopefully I'll hear from you soon, take care, Ritatheresa
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    Karen not sure if you've been around lately, just bumping for some feedback

    BUMP please
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    Sorry I missed you the other day. I've been quite busy lately. I woke up one day recently and realized I had a life!

    Yes, my problems were only at night. I'm taking the synthetic version of the antidiuretic hormone. I use desmopressin nasal spray every night. I tried not using it about 2 weeks ago to see what would happen. I only had to get up like 3 times instead of the 5-6 times before. So I think I'm probably starting to make the hormone again myself and I'll be able to stop using this stuff pretty soon.

    Are you still drinking coffee? I used to drink a little bit of coffee now and then, like just 1/2 cup. But after I got cfs, when I drank coffee, it dehydrated me severely and I had to pee constantly for days or weeks. When I finallly traced it to the coffee, I stopped all coffee drinking. It was weird, it didn't happen all the time, but most of the time. If I drank coffee, it messed up my hydration for usually about 2 weeks. But I didn't drink it everyday. So I've gone without coffee now for like 2 years or so. I don't know exactly what it did to cause that, but it seems like my system is hypersensitive to any kind of diuretic. So I can't do coffee or coconut water or too much raw garlic; they are all diuretics. If I do them, my hydration goes haywire.

    If you're not doing it at night, then you're making the antidiuretic hormone okay. The only think I can think of is take a good look at what you consume during the day and eliminate all diuretics from your diet, especially caffeine. It may take a couple of weeks or more for your system to return to normal. You may have to google "diuretic" and see all the foods and drinks that have that effect, they aren't all obvious, like the coconut water and raw garlic. And some meds have diuretic effects, too, like benadryl. I remember most of the cold and allergy meds dehydrating me. Are you taking any of those?

    nice to hear from you, I hope you get this figured out, what a pain!


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    I'm sure coffee is playing it's part, I used to literrally drink it throughout the day, even right before I went to bed. I was working full time and going to school full time while trying to raise my daughter. Coffee and cigarettes were my main staples.

    The last couple of months I've slowed down tremendously, I have the most 2 cups a day. I totally eliminated (well at least in my house) soda, I actually starting drinking mineral water. Like Perrier but I get mine from a Turkish store and it's much cheaper.

    This is a really annoying problem, what I'm most afraid of is why my urine is leaking all day, I have to change my pad several times a day. I would hate to have to live with this forever.

    I'm following the methyl block posts and they seem to be the most promising treatment thus far. I've seen you doing much better, that is amazing. Good for you!!!!

    As always thank you for your insight Karen, I greatly appreciate it, God Bless, Ritatheresa