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    thank you so much for all your wonderful dietary information!!! and your enthusiasm!

    you have inspired me big time to get into raw foods. i've ordered a dehydrator, and the first thing i want to make is the nut-batter vegs. i can't wait! thank you for posting the recipe. i copied every word.

    i totally subscribe to the gut theory- as the gut goes so goes the entire system. i've had IBS wicked at times. toward the end of valcyte i recently had 7 weeks of acute misery, so i'm motivated to make new improvements to my food regimen.

    i've been off flour, sugar, alcohol, wheat for a long long time. i do love my non-fat yogurt blender drink that i have every night for dinner. i put in goatein whey powder (from Garden of Life), fruits, stevia, water; sometimes some carob. it is so good and seems to work very well in my system. i know you're off fruits for the time being. my thought on the yogurt is that because it's a cultured product, it's easy on the digestion- plus provides pro-biotics.

    i've always been a nut (raw, soaked overnight) about foods. i once went 7 weeks without any food, just supplements (i was under care of a naturopath doctor)- i wanted my husband on this plan- that's why i sought it out- to cure cancer. he was on it for a while and blisters started coming out the soles of his feet- but then he went the AMA route with chemo which didn't save him.

    anyway- you sure should put out a book. your writing is so good and engaging. and you are very persuasive.

    thank you so much !!! sascha
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    Thank you! It's always nice to hear when some of what I say means something to someone. I'm sitting here munching on my dehydrated veggies with my new chihuahua puppy that I just named Sasha!

    Sounds like you certainly have the willpower in place to pull this off. About the only thing I can think of that's "iffy" with yogurt is the fact that the casein is pasteurized. The pasteurization process alters milk proteins and this can confuse the immune system. But you sound like you know your body well enough to decide if it's giving you problems. If you have any sort of hay fever or animal allergy symptoms, that might be an indication that the milk protein is a problem. At least, that's my warning sign.

    I was using goatein for awhile, too. But I'm using a whey protein powder now that my doc recommended and it doesn't bother me like it used to. I think most of the allergy thing is dependent on the state of the guts at that particular point in time, too.

    Dehydrator recipes are so numerous, it's hard to pick which one to do first. I'm still anxious to eat fruits again so I can try some great new recipes and dive into my raw chocolate.

    Have you thought about doing the stool analysis to confirm what you should be eating and taking supplement-wise? And I'm really sorry to hear about your husband. They should be teaching us this stuff in school when we're young so we don't have to get really bad illnesses like cancer and cfs before we're forced to learn it.

    And I am writing down lots of stuff, don't worry. I have so many scattered notes, it's hard to put them all together. But I'm trying.

    take care

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    actually my nom de plume, Sascha, comes from my beloved big black German Shepherd, who lived to be over 12 years. she could play the piano. the first time ever she contemplated the Pacific Ocean after our long trip west was one of the funniest things i've ever seen.

    my real name is Sally (formal version: Salome).

    i remember when my husband had cancer doctors recommended he have ice cream. i thought at the time that was very stupid.

    i DO intend to have the stool analysis test done. i'm gearing up for it. seems like an essential component. would be good to nail down exactly where i'm at.

    thanks so much- Sascha
  4. sascha

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    zucchini, peppers, onion and garlic bits. can't wait for dehydrator- sascha

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