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    Hello Karen I hope you are continuing to improve as I have, in large part due to yourself.
    Along within the digestive enzymes recommended to me by an acupuncturist almost two years ago, I have recently began a course of L-Glutamine and Betaine HCL. I have been ill since March 1995 but 2008 has been my best health year.
    Can you please tell me which stool analysis test you took ? I intend to take the same.
    I did a urine test with the Great Smokies lab but it revealed little.
    I am convinced that at least 80% of my problems relate to my gut.

    Take care Karen, your help and advice to many of us on this board, including myself, has brought a tear to my eye.
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    Hi Quilp,

    What a nice thing to read first thing in the morning, thank you!

    I am basically improving still, but this blood volume problem I'm having is a real pain. We're narrowing it down, but it's the last thorn in my side. My body is having trouble regulating my fluid balance during the night. But we'll figure it out soon.

    I did the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis by Genova Diagnostics. But then I had an expert interpreting everything on there. He was able to look at all levels of enzymes, bacteria, pathogens and other indicators and tell exactly what they showed was happening in my body. The test was pretty explanatory about what was happening, but didn't really tell me what to do about it like Dr. Farr was able to. It's one thing to get the test done, then you have to have somebody who knows what you need.

    One thing about glutamine and betaine hcl. I had been using glutamine for over a year, with the purposes of healing the lining of the gut and building neurotransmitters in mind. When I finally did my hpa axis test, it showed really high GABA. Since glutamine was the precursor to GABA, I'm sure that's why it's so high so I've since stopped it. It's probably part of the reason I still have some brain fog and memory problems.

    And the betaine hcl I had been doing, too, but just not enough. I was only taking one pill with meals and now I take three 700mg pills. I still think treating myself was better than lying around doing nothing, and it worked more than it didn't work, but it's faster, cheaper (in the long run, at least) and healthier to have an expert.

    good luck


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