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    I left suggestions for Lyme docs for both of you in your threads.

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    Thank you very much for your doc. suggestion. You are correct in that Dr. S no longer accepts new patients.

    I have scouted around and just found someone closer to me (only 65 miles) who follows Dr. S's protocols for Lyme. After this long weekend I'll get in touch and see if I can get an appt. with him ....... he is supposed to be good.

    I'm very sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but the end of the week had me running (more like crawling actually) all over the place and left me totally exhausted and slightly febrile.

    I took my dog to the vet. for her boosters (including Lyme), so I asked the vet about the incidence of Lyme in my area in canines. She said that she saw TONS of cases of it locally! She also told me that she felt that docs. under-reported or diagnosed it because it was so difficult to treat in humans!

    It blows my mind that there is a vaccine for dogs but not for people, and it makes me angry with our govt. since it seems that Lyme HAS reached epidemic status, and that adequate funding for research and developement have been blocked.

    Best Wishes to you
    and thanks again.

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    Glad you found one closer. I just found out this weekend that Gingers long time nurse has quit so I'm not sure if she is even taking new patients at the moment.