Barry...bct?? Question about gas.....

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by fivesue, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. fivesue

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    Hi Barry,

    I noticed you posted about gas prices, and as we are both from Humboldt County, I was curious if that gas price was in Eureka or where you live? I know that's the price here, but is it the same there or higher or lower?

    We have done some traveling, and we find that our prices are higher in Eureka than Willow Creek, many times. They are always higher than Weaverville! Go figure.

    When going south on 101, we stop at the Safeway gas station in Willits and usually it it 40 cents or more cheaper than here in Eureka.

    Just wondering what you are paying in SO Humboldt? I, too, am conserving gas; we have family commitments out of the area, so we must drive at times, so I try to do as little as possible here at home. Every little bit helps.

    The weather was lovely yesterday but today is raining. However, spring is here and having had a dryer winter than usual, I am pleased. Now watch May rain like crazy. Have lived here since 1961...know the routine.

    Just checking up on the Humboldt group....

    Have a good day.

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    The price I quoted for gas was in So. Hum!

    Yes, yesterday was lovely, wasn't it? At least until those big black clouds rolled in! We're getting off and on showers here, which pleases me, because it has been such a dry spring as you point out.

    Sue, do you know of any other Humboldter's on the board? We may be the only ones, unless there are lurkers, lol!

    Hope you are feeling better, and enjoying the sunny days as they come.

    Best Wishes to you and yours,
  3. fivesue

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    So, gas is about the same all over Humboldt...unless it's gone up since I've been out! (-: My husband can go to work in the AM and when he comes home at night, the price can jump by 10 cents or more. Very unnerving.

    No, I don't know any others who live in Humboldt except us. There was a person on briefly who lived in Siskiyou County and used doctors in Eureka, but I haven't seen or heard from that person in a very long time.

    You, too, enjoy the sun when it comes. My aches seem intensified when it is wet, but I guess that's just the way it is. It will be nice when the summer dry spell takes over.

  4. bct

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    Did you rock and roll last night? That was some temblor, 5.2 I think I heard. It sure felt strong here, but I didn't run out of the house screaming like some Swiss friends did a few years back!

    Yeah, I saw gas at one station in G'ville that had gas for 4.10. No one seemed to be buying it though!

    Hope you are doing O.K.,
    Best Wishes,
  5. fivesue

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    ...we were rocking and rolling so! (-:

    Yes, the paper said it was 5.2, and it even made my husband and me stop what we were doing and wait....for it to either get bigger or stop...and it did the latter!Phew.

    My husband and I are native Californians; earthquakes are just a part of our lives, so if we even change positions, it's something. We both stopped for this one.

    Were you here in the early 90's when we had the spate of big earthquakes? All were around 7.0, a little above, a little under, and they weren't aftershocks of one another. That was something.

    Your Swiss friend ran out screaming? I'm sure it wasn't funny to him/her, but maybe after the event? (-:

    Gas...have to use my car today...get all done I can and then park it in the garage again. At least I'll get to see if the prices have gone up.

    Enjoy your day, Barry. This is actually the second earthquake we've felt in about 3 weeks. After a decade or so of silence, maybe we're entering another active period...oh, I hope not.


  6. bct

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    Yes, I was here in the 90's. Actually lived here since '73! I remember the quake in ?'80/81? that broke the bridge on 101, killing someone I think, who drove off it. Am I recalling this correctly, Sue?

  7. fivesue

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    I believe it was 1980, and it was a VW bug that happened to be on the bridge when it fell. The person was killed. That was a real roller! I remember running from our bedroom to my youngest son's room, and the front room floor was rippling like waves. No damage to our home, though. Amazing.

    Yikes. We've had some beauties, haven't we?

    My parents moved us here in 1961 so I got to go through the 1964 flood, etc. Thankfully we didn't live down where you do then...high and dry in Arcata.

    You are a long-lived Humboldter, that's for sure. There are actually many who have been here for a long time, a lot more who would stay if there were good jobs for younger people.

    Another story for another day.

    Nice talking with you, Barry.