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    Hi I am new here.
    Well/ I just got Dx'ed with Bartonella. Although, I had no symptoms of it such as fever etc. They think I could have lyme but want me to take a better lyme test.
    I had IGG 41 and IGM 23...
    Is it possible to have Bartonella and not lyme.
    My bartonella titer was 512 is that high? I am very lost and confused w/this

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    It is possible to have bartonella and not lyme if you got it from a cat.

    If you got it from a tick you probably have lyme also.

    It is significant that you have band 23 on your western blot. Dr B says on page 7 of this paper that band 23 is one of the species specific bands....that's important...

    Read the symptom list on pages 9-11. Symptom list for bart, babesia, ehrlichia etc is on p 22-27.

    You could get a western blot IgG and IgM from Igenex lab in CA.

    Test #188 and #189. Dr must order it. Free test kit available from Igenex. Cost was $200 when I had it done almost 2 yrs ago, not sure if more now.

    Igenex tests for all 10 IgM bands, not just 3 like other labs.

    It doesn't matter if the test is read as officially negative, you can still have lyme specific bands that indicate lyme.

    Also read this easy booklet...

    and go to the ILADS site...

    Now go to and click on flash discussion....sign up for on Medical Questions posts and post your questions. Use the search to look up topics from the past.

    They also have a Seeking a Doctor board to find a lyme literate MD.

    It's a great board with lots of intelligent people and it moves fast.

    Read alot and be your own advocate. 99% of Dr's know nothing about lyme.

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    Hi again,

    I was just on lymenet and I see that you have already found that board...great!!

    I think you will find it helpful.

    I am Dekrator48 on

    Good luck!