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    Now I know why I am starting to feel better. I just had a Dr. appt. today and he told me the final test did actually come back positive for Bartonella. He says lots of people have just Bartonella and that it is very prevalent today. He also said that even though my Lyme tests were negative I could still have Lyme. Bartonella can interfere with Lyme results. He has been treating me for Bartonella for 3 months because he believed I did have it. I posted my treatment for the topic "feeling better after 30+ years.
    So, my CFS is caused by Bartonella and maybe Lyme. Finally an answer for me. I have been sick so long. In fact, I believe I was born with this as are my children who have symptoms. I am going forward now and hoping to get some of my life back for whatever years I may have left. I am now 60 years old. I hope everyone can get the help they need too. Jess
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    I am so happy that you are getting answers to what caused your CFS.

    I also have bartonella and lyme and probably babesia.

    I hope you have a good Lyme literate MD.

    I wish you only the best and hope you fully recover.

    If I can help you in any way, you can post for me on the Lyme board anytime.
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    I too have Borrelia, Babesia and Bartonella. All of these pathogens work together at hiding in the same cells so it can be tricky to kill this stuff off. Nanie's suggestion of finding a really good LLMD is critical. Most docs lack the expertise with TBIs to know how to treat them properly.

    Sometimes, I feel lots of resentment towards the medical profession for not diagnosing my TBIs sooner. Over a 30 year period, I've seen 200+ doctors and not one bothered to look into my hobbies (gardening, tent camping, hiking, visiting state, national and provincal parks, canoeing, rafting, bicycling, and cross country motorycle trips) to check to see if ticks could be part of this thing.

    As a result, my entire HPA axis is now shut down from chronic untreated multiple infections. I'm not making growth hormone, the right amounts of thryoid hormones, and have adrenal insufficiency. Please see a really good endocrinologist if your LLMD does not understand how these infections can cause HPA axis dysfunction.

    Good luck with your treatment!
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    There are many varieties of bartonella... & supposed to be harder to test for than Lyme from what I understand. So that's pretty amazing you got a + !

    I know how nice it is to finally actually see something turn up - but be prepared, treatment to subdue any of the stealth pathogens can take a long time. And don't forget the Lyme board here - it's about more than Lyme - includes talking about the other tickborn diseases and other complications of other 'bugs'.

    all the best,

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