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    I tried taking tramadol a year and a half ago and had HORRIBLE side effects, so stopped taking. About a month ago I decided to try it again, and titrated myself up very very slowly. Now i seem to be tolerating it at low doses. I don't notice anything dramatic, but it seems to help after some time has passed (as opposed to soon after I take it,which is interesting to me.)

    Hang on, my question is coming.

    The other thing I've noticed is that I am sleeping much better when I have taking it. I do not take it right before bed, but if I take it early evening, I usually sleep through the night. Not a common occurrence for me.

    Ok, finally to the question:

    Do you think it is that the tramadol is affecting my sleep,ie I'm drugged out? Or is it that the pain was disrupting my sleep and the tramadol is helping the pain?

    I am taking a minimal dosage, by the way, and do not take it more than twice in a day.

    It is always important to me that I am clear on what is and isn't helping, and how or why.
    Thank you.
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    I just started taking tramadol this past week. In my personal experience, it does not make me feel "drugged out" at all, like compaired to vicodin or codine or something like that. I would think it was the pain that was disrupting your sleep. But we all react differently to medication, so keep that in mind. I've noticed it does take the edge off my pain enough that I'm not thinking about it constantly, and am able to enjoy activities more. I'm taking 50 mg 4x a day, because for me, the effects seem to wear off within a couple of hours, and I'm trying to not let the pain get too bad before I take something for it, lest it lose its effectiveness.

    That's really great you found something that is helping. And your side effects aren't as bad this time? I haven't noticed any side effects myself, other than a bad headache, but that could be from the Ambien I started taking, also.

    Good luck with it!
  3. pasara

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    thanks for your reply.
    i don't feel drugged out either.
    the first time i tried tramadol it depressed my breathing so much that at one point i had to "make" myself take a breath, as in it didn't happen automatically. it was very scary. that is why i don't take it close to bedtime.

    i am glad that the tram is helping you. my dosage that i had been prescribed before was to take 1/2 to 1 whole 50 mg tablet 4x a day. this time i started with 1/4 of a tablet just once a day. i slowly have increased over about a month. now i am taking 1/2-3/4 of a tab, no more than twice a day. otherwise i work with pain in other non-drug ways. i am very sensitive to medications, so the fact that i am tolerating this is very good news.

    i am thinking like you, that it is the pain relief that is helping me sleep. that is a good thing, since sleep disruption just makes everything worse.

    thanks again for your reply!

    anyone else have thoughts on this?
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    For me, I can't take tramadol after 3pm or I won't be able to sleep. I'm relaxed, but can't sleep.