Batgirl: Angry With God Because of Fibro

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    been angry with God because of fibro.............. 06/07/04 02:21 PM

    yes i was angry with God cause i was diagnosed with fibro and CFS. yep i was a hot cookie. and this lingered on for a while. however i kept going to church and i still prayed and talked to God. but when i prayed i didn't have faith that anyting i asked for would come to fuition. the were prayers of blankness. recently i was talking to a co-worker whose wife is a pastor of a church. i told him of my situation and how fibro has afected me and he told me to read job. i went home to visit my mom and i brought my bible to read on the trip. needless to say on the trip down there i slept. but while i was there i picked up my bible and looked for job in the bible and i couldn't find it. so i asked my mom where was it. she said it was a book in the bible. so then i asked where? she said it was the chapter j-o-b. i thought it was job like a job u go to to work.:) anyway i started reading it and i was blown out of the water. i should say that it almmost blew the last little brain cells that i have. i am recommending that everyone read this chapter. it relates so well to folks like us. i mean extremely well. it has opened my eyes a lot. a whole lot. my anger is gone now mainly because i haven't been through half of the things that job has been through. we as fibro paitents need to have the saying 'the paitence of job' read it and give me some feed back.

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    My thoughts 06/07/04 04:56 PM

    I don't believe God gave you fibromyalgia. But He can help you deal with it. He is here to help us through good times and bad times. A good book for you to read is "Why Bad Things Happen to Good People" by Rabbi Harold Kushner. He lost a child to a serious illness and in response to that loss he wrote this book. It's about 25 or more years old and is one of the most-read books in the world. I highly recommend it!




    hi batgirl` 06/07/04 05:38 PM

    i went thru a simular thing with the Lord about this illness. i didnt understand why He would call me to missions, yet i wind up being so ill.
    He is so gracious, and has been patient w/ me.
    i know He is in control, and He has allowed this to happen to me and you for a reason.
    nothing is by chance.
    it is us who can choose to give God glory thru this- like job, or not.this can grow us closer to HIM or farther.
    i choose closer.
    and your right,JOB is a great book in the bible, PSALMS are also. next book over.
    love edwina



    Job and I are old friends 06/07/04 05:43 PM

    Needless to say for many of us Fibro has not been our only heartbreak!!
    My favorite understanding about Job is that Job as a human being had a part in defeating Satan. Satan asserted that if a human didn't have a cushy life supplied by God, he would turn away from God. So Satan said that all humans are selfish and into worshipping God only for what they can get out of it. Job with his endurance proved that wrong.
    Job wasn't just some old guy out of some old fairy tale that has no signifigance in our day. He had the same problems as we do:
    A disease no one understood or wanted any thing to do with
    A spouse who was not supportive
    No money, no job, no insurance, etc.
    Friends who were no friends at all!!
    The only guy who would stand up for him was basically a "kid" named Elihu who couldn't get a word in edgewise what with Job's know it all friends talking all the time.

    So if he could do this so could I. That even though he didn't realize it God was there and helping him and God DID see all that happened and wanted to help him. I'm a somewhat stubborn person and knowing Job has added to my natural determination that Satan is not right about ME. There are people who serve God simply for what they can get out of it, but not ME.

    I'm so glad you read it and also recommend it to others. The poetic nature of the book can be a little hard to get through, but if you meditate on it and take a bit at a time or get a bible with notes it is great.



    Hi batgirl...and everyone!! 06/07/04 06:16 PM

    I have'nt read JOB...but you've gotten my curiousity up~
    I will read this!! Thanks for mentioning this.
    I'm sure many of us wonder at one time or other why we are dealt hard times~ I have myself.



    Job 06/07/04 06:24 PM

    I have also been angry with God for a long while. My mother died when I was only 30. She had 8 children and 3 beautiful grand children. She couldn't be with us when she was gone. Then at 32 I started getting Ill. My husband was gone all the time (his job), my husband retired without telling me he was going to. Then my father developed cancer in 1999. I started praying. I'm still praying. I'm also going to church and reading the Bible. Haven't gotten to Job yet. But I sincerly believe that God doesn't give us more than we can bear. I you are better or better able to handle this thing because of your beliefs.
    God bless



    Angry too.... 06/07/04 06:48 PM

    Hi - I'm still angry - and I've read Job, and my thoughts are awful about this, but I just can't help but ask this question: what kind of God would intentionally inflict pain and suffering on his creations just to prove a point to Satan? And who, by the way, created what eventually became Satan? Basically, no matter how I try, it always comes back to a God who created this world, obviously knowing what would happen to it (if events surprised him, then he wouldn't be the all-knowing God, now would he?), and how could He let us suffer like this? I know I am meant to for better things in this world besides sitting in my recliner in horrible pain day-in and day-out; surely my knowledge, intelligence, and talent can be better served in some other arena other than trapped in my house. I went to pharmacy school so that I could help God's people, and educate people. Why does He think it is necessary for me to spend the rest of my life away from society, writhing in pain at night, alone (save for my pets), instead of helping? I just can't reconcile all of this, and it really distresses me, because I would love to find the comfort others seem to find in God and in faith.



    been angry with God because of fibro.............. 06/07/04 07:33 PM

    I still get angry sometimes as well. My prayer has changed though from desperately wanting to get well to asking Him to use this in a redemptive way. All I want is to experience His presence and comfort and to have the strength I need to go on day by day. If I look too far ahead I become anxious. I want to take it one day at a time. I grief at times for the loss of my vigor and mobility and the plans that I still have in my heart to accomplish. Yet, somewhere deep inside of me, I still have hope for complete and utter healing and restoration. There is always hope and maybe research will finally figure out what is going on with our bodies and find a cure. I am also praying for that to happen. I know one thing... Jesus can relate to our pain. If you have seen The Passion of The Christ, you know that Jesus experienced our pain on His way to the cross. I have no doubts about that fact.
    Bless you all...



    Anger 06/07/04 07:49 PM

    These questions call for someone with a lot more spiritual wisdom than me (particularly the ones about Satan. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, the association between him and me is far too strong already...) But since I was a child, I can remember being told that if I was angry, I should take my anger to God. He is big enough to take it. Rage at Him, ask Him why He allows these things to happen. If that is one thing that the Psalms and Job teach us, it is that spiritual and Godly people can be extremely angry with God, and can keep on asking why without sacrificing their faith.

    Right now, I almost wish I was angry at God. I'm more checked out than anything else. I pray, I read my Bible, but the connection just isn't there. I keep reminding myself of periods of my life when I prayed long and earnestly for things that I knew were God's will. Why didn't He make me more patient? Why didn't He give me a forgiving heart? To this day, I don't understand the why He didn't answer my prayers and questions right away. But I have learned that He works in His own time. Usually, things are given in different ways than I expected, too (and generally no where near as fast as I would like!) I believe that our concept of time is so limited, whereas His is boundless.

    I think we also apply our human values to the worth of a life. We think the best life is one that is productive, intelligent, that accomplishes good things for other people. But again, God seems to see things very different (certainly if the Sermon on the Mount is indication). I think we often feel like our lives our failures because we aren't giving, we aren't producing. But God may have other plans and other values. One day, you may be kind to a store clerk who is on the edge of disaster. You may sympathize with someone in a Rx line, and save them from despair. It is likely that you will never know what you have done. I know that the people who have brought me back from the brink probably had no idea of what they did. Is a single kindness to one person worth our life of pain? I have to admit it doesn't feel like that to me a lot of the time. But God may look and say "Yes, bringing that little sheep back from a bad path justified every bit of your suffering. You will not know it in this lifetime, but you have changed the universe."



    Why in the world would HE use it at all.... 06/07/04 07:53 PM

    YOU got to use it....! It's not his to full fill your's YOURS to fullfill his!@!! Shoooot! Ladies...You can ask for can demand can chant for help...but, remember you are ultimately a gift to God..From God..and a Gift to us too..There are those of us who only serve as a BAD example...but we all serve.....
    Hugs..."another corner heard form.."



    Questions 06/07/04 09:54 PM

    I too have questions and I don't think any of us would be human if we didn't. But I know if we believe in God and his promises we have to have faith that he will keep them. The way he works may not be on our timetable or in exactly the way we think he should, but God has a reason for everything and all I can do is pray and ask him to keep me in his will so I can receive the blessings he has in store for me.

    I have a handicapped grandson and have often wondered why God would allow this to happen to an innocent child. But Jody is a wonderful little boy with a sweet spirit that draws people to him. He brightens the day of all who come in contact with him. I sometimes wonder if he would be such an outgoing child were it not for his disability.




    Oh Dear.... 06/07/04 10:01 PM

    It's NOT always God at work....

    Second question....If you weren't so ill...would you be drawn to God???? My various illness have left me with lots of time for thought...



    hi all 06/08/04 12:20 AM

    i have read the posts here and i can see that we dont understand the soverinty and holiness of the LORD>
    we are the creation, He , the creator.
    i cant imagine screaming or demanding to Him.
    yes, He created satan, yes, sin entered into the world and us thru adam.and because we live in a imperfect world now, we will not have a perfect or pain free life.
    even people who arent sick.
    isaias described Gods torment when he was here as the man chapter 53;3-6.
    he suffered for us and allows us to suffer. who can know the mind of God?
    and besides, the Bible says that praying for patience.. brings tribulation.
    that is one thing i dont want to do.:)
    love ed
    job13 ;15 and romans 5:3
    we can talk more on worship board if you want to.



    Dont be angry, but understand... 06/08/04 07:52 AM

    that God is a loving God. He allows things to happen to us. He wants to know who are truely His people. Not everyone is gonna Love Him the way that He desires. We are all sinners and why should we think that we deserve the best when we dont deserve the best, but by the Grace of God we are saved through Jesus. God is always there with us through good and bad times, we pull away from Him, He does not leave us. His Son Jesus died for all of us, He took our punishment so that we can live in Glorious Heaven which is more rewarding and permanent than anything here on earth has to offer. So please understand by reading your Bible, going to church and fellowship with Gods people and understand. Knowledge of Him and personal relationship with Him will lead you to understanding. Oh there is so much more to say, but I agree with Edwina, on the gospel board it can be explained in more detail. I believe i might have stepped over the line here, but i do hope it is posted. It doesnt mean that our life will be glorious here on earth, cus it wont, but it does mean that we have a Loving God who will help in our pain and troubles. Besides we grow spiritually in our worst times, with Gods help. All we have to do is believe, repent, and ask Him. He does answer prayers, it might not always be what we want, but He does answer them. He has a plan for all who love Him. I hope this helped. I too have fibro and I am thankful, I know that my life before fibro was like everyone elses, go, go, go. But God had other plans for me. I believe i was not close enough to Him, well He made me be!! Take care



    another good book... 06/08/04 08:06 AM

    is "Where's God When it Hurts" by Phillip Yancey. and "The Problem of Pain" by C.S. Lewis (he wrote the lion, the witch and the wardrobe/narnia series)

    Job is a great book.

    These are tough questions- why does god allow suffering etc. We should ask these tough questions, because we might get some understanding.



    Wake up call from God! 06/08/04 08:19 AM

    That's what I call my FMS. Before, I was a lax Christian, and had never read the Bible.

    I started reading it and praying when I was in intense pain months after surgery and was diagnosed with FM. I have since become a religious person and have a whole new outlook on life and death.

    I used to fear death, but no more! I feel that this truely was a wake up call from God! Sally



    God 06/08/04 08:58 AM

    I was going to write exactly what Sally did. Though out the Bible it does talk about the trials we will go through and how and why God has planned these problems for us. It has made me a stronger Christian and hopefully I can learn from this.



    Not to offend anyone, 06/08/04 11:12 AM

    but my thoughts are more "I must have been a pretty bad person in my previous life to be made to suffer like this in this one".

    However, my cousin with severe CFS went through the same anger at God. She stopped going to church altogether and didn't want to hear anything about God. She was just angry, period. Still is, since repressed anger is a big problem for her.

    We have to blame someone or something, just to rationalize our suffering. It must be fault somewhere along the line. But it's not, unless you want to blame a parent for passing along the gene (either the disease from childhood or the suseptibility towards contracting it). Life is a roll of the dice.

    I'm glad you got over your anger at God because I've observed that very religeous people have a great amount of guilt over being angry at God.




    Anger is natural 06/08/04 11:59 AM

    But what we do with that anger is optional. Reading Job, and the message boards right here, reminds me that there are everywhere folks much worse off than me. Yes, I give in sometimes to frustration and anger, created by my pain (fibro, arthritis, and back injury). Then I keep trudging (or swimming, like Dorie in Finding Nemo --she's my hero!)reminding myself of the things to be grateful for. Pain teaches, and I do believe that suffering often brings one closer to God. I'm a new age kinda gal, believe in Jesus very much, but believe we come back more than once as well. When we leave these poor tired bodies, we are home again. The time spent here falls into its true perspective, a short lesson. Pain teaches many lessons. If one is going to be angry at God, there are lots better reasons, like babies and kids battered and murdered, the holocaust, stuff like that. For myself, I believe that we as an entire people create this reality the way it is. We actually are making progress, if you look at man's history. God gave this planet over to man. What happens here is not God's fault, it is ours. We are in our own special classroom, and we learn in fits and starts. Someday, the people who are spiritually attuned will finally outnumber those who are not. Until then, we must go on trying to make the best of each day for ourselves and those around us. The kind word, the smile to a stranger, these things are what we can do, and they truly matter. But that's been covered in other replies. Why all the pain? I do not know. I merely have faith there is a reason, beyond my ken.

    Hugs and Blessings,



    skipped the angery at God part... 06/08/04 12:17 PM

    I went straight to being angry at having my life taken away!

    I kind of accepted that I'm sick, will be for a while, and moved on.

    Well, I've renewed my commitment to being God's servant and I cannot express the joy that you can have from giving others a pecie of yourself (that's NOT broken, battered, or infected). It seems like even though I feel like I'm giving my whole self away, there's always more to give. And THAT is the mercy of God's grace.




    God never gives us anything we can't handle 06/08/04 01:11 PM

    But like Mother Teresa said, I wish he didn't trust me so much, I have been Christian for many years, have been through some rough things, besides illness, and God makes me stronger or have more empathy for others each time. I could not get through each day without him. As far as disabled children or adults, they are a gift from God, and the love that comes from them is like no other. Keep the faith, I know it's hard, but it's much harder without.

  2. monkeykat

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    What an insightful group of people you all are!!! It was really great reading all messages above. We all have a lot to work through when we are ill. We all work through it in different ways.

    Lord, I pray that you can bring each of us to a place of peace where we can continue to give love, hope and kindness to others despite our tremendous suffering. Give us grace and heal our bodies, minds and spirits:) Amen!!!
  3. htrdpstr

    htrdpstr New Member

    Let us also remember the little things the Lord does. We are able to breathe, walk; when we can, talk, think, see, hear. Our God is a Mighty God and we can do ALL things through Him. I serve a wonderful, loving God. "I will never leave you nor Forsake you" When my beautiful wife had this in the beginning, she couldn't walk without screaming and laying down was another story. I was diagnost with this last month and I am seeing what she is going through. She told me to speak the word and believe it will happen. It says in the Word the He has already healed us. FAITH is believing without seeing... May the Lord Bless each one of you this day...