Bath soaks and yeast infections, please read

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chelz, Jun 14, 2009.

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    The last time I soaked in a jacuzzi bath with jets and Epson Salts, I got a horrible yeast infection.

    My sister's new house had a jacuzzi with stream jets, she and her husband never used it and she said I was welcome to use it. This was several years ago, I would take a bath using Epson Salts and soak in the tub every Friday I went over there. After about 3 soaks, I developed a horrible yeast infection which I had never had before. Maybe this jacuzzi bath wasnt' a good idea, and a regular bath in a normal tub, which I have, would be better for me, not sure.

    Long story short, this yeast infection has caused me a lot of problems on top of my Fibro. I never took a bath at my house, only a shower downstairs because our bathtub was not working for various reasons.

    I needed to get this bathtub fixed, which I did, now it is in good condition to take a bath. I hear so many good things about bath soaks, and actually loved soaking at my sister's house, but after that infection I have been so afraid of getting another yeast infection.

    I did read on this board, another person mentioning to be carful about taking a bath because of possible yeast infections? Have any of you experienced this before? I would love to purchase one of those mineral soaks from the heath food store and soak my miserable FM body away, but am anxious . Are there any ways to reduce the risk of this happening again? Hugs, Chelz.
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    If you rinse the tub & shower with a mixture of vinegar & water before and after you bathe it should help to eliminate yeast infections, as well as soap and scum build-up!

    Make sure you rinse this solution away and never leave vinegar on tiles or grout because it will cause tile and grout to erode …but won't hurt them as long as it's rinsed thoroughly.

    I bleach my tub, rinse with plain cold water, spray with vinegar/water mixture and rinse again. I use bleach at least once a week. The vinegar and water I use daily.


    • Sometimes women (and heavy-set men) break out and get an itchy rash underneath their breasts and inner thigh area due to moisture (seen especially in geriatrics or those who are immobile); to eliminate this problem rinse these areas with the vinegar/water mixture and rinse again then dry thoroughly. The tendency for yeast infections will be greatly reduced.

    If you do not shower then while in the tub you may simply pour 1/4 cup vinegar in your bath water. Make sure to rinse well before finishing though.

    • Those who have poor circulation in their lower legs may experience itchy shins and feet. Spraying this mixture on affected areas while in the shower then rinsing well will help to eliminate itching and irritation.

    • Have trouble with cuticles on hands and toes? Spray finger and toenails with vinegar & water and push back your cuticles each time you bathe. You should see the ½ moons on your nails within a month’s time!

    It is better to leave this mixture on for a minute or two if possible before rinsing. Just remember, to avoid further irritation you must RINSE thoroughly!

    Also, along with towel drying, try using the “LOW” setting to of your hair dryer on the areas of your body that are not exposed to air or that are covered by under garments. You will be amazed at how much more dry and comfortable you feel when you get dressed!

    Hope this helps!
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    I know that taking a bubble bath can cause yeast infections for some women, bc it can disrupt the normal ph and healthy bacteria that are supposed to be present in certain areas (not sure if i can use the appropriate term for "certain areas" on here or if it will be considered inappropriate for a public forum)....anyway, I haven't heard anything similar about epsom salts, but with the way that our bodies can react so oddly, it wouldn't surprise me either

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