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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mikie, Jun 20, 2009.

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    I see light at the end of the tunnel :) As some of y'all know, I've taken on a small project. Well, there really is no such thing as a small project around the house. It all started when I decided to replace my gnarly old glass tub encloosure in my guest bathroom. I never liked it as I enjoy Epsom Salt soaks and I always felt claustraphobic in the tub. When I went to see about replacing them, it would cost between $400 and $600 for something decent and that's without installation.

    I decided instead to remove the doors and just put up a nice shower curtain. With the money saved, I bought a new granite vanity/sink top unit, black framed beveled mirror, brushed nickel faucet set, brushed nickel light fixture with milk glass, and all brushed nickel towel ring, towel bar and toilet paper dispenser. I kept the linen beige wall color and painted the old white vanity black. The shower crutain is chocolate cotton with a window pane weave. The granite is Kings Gold with the white, brown, gold and black specks. They did a small bath like it on HGTV and it came out sooooo rich. Mine is almost done now and it looks just as rich as the one on TV.

    The redo involved some drywall patching. Evidently, at some time, the drywall had gotten moisture in it and it is all powdery in those areas. I had a horrible time patching it as the old drywall swelled when I applied the mud to it. The only real way to fix it would be to completely replace the drywall but I wasn't going to do that. I worked around it and decided it just isn't worth it to try to be a perfectionist. When I redid the master bath, I had to patch the drywall but you can't even tell it. The wall with the old TP dispenser wasn't damaged and the patch looks great. I had started to think I'd lost my touch.

    Anyway, as is always the case, the demo took a lot out of me and it's been very slow going. I can't do much before I have to rest. There has been a lot of detail work, including caulking and painting in there. All I have to do now is touch up some paint, hook up the new drain and paint the vanity doors. Once that is done, I have to clean up my filthy condo which has been neglected during my little construction project.

    I think this is going to be my last home improvement project. I just don't have the strength anymore. I don't know whether it's because I'm tired or what but it seemed like everything I touched turned into a mess.

    With the housing market as it is, more and more people are staying in their homes and just updating them. I've been doing this all along so that if I ever decide to sell it, it's ready to go on the market. I've seen so many people who never update and when they want to sell, they have to spend a small fortune fixing it up for someone else. At least this way, I'm going to be enjoying my new space while I'm here.

    When I painted my bedroom, it took a month. Seriously! I would do a little bit and quit for the day. There is only me to do this stuff. I was married to Mr. Home Improvement for 26 years and I learned how to do a lot. It's come in handly and nice to know I don't have to depend on anyone for routine jobs around here. I still call in the pros when I need to. The only help I had on the bath was a nice neighbor who helped me haul that heavy vanity/sink up the stairs from my car. Another neighbor set it on the vanity when it was ready.

    If I can, I'll put a pic in my profile when it's all done. It may take a bit to get the vanity doors done. I had problems posting pics in my profile. PH was going to see whether they could fix it. Don't know whether or not they ever did.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie -

    I know what you mean about a project that seems to grow but it also seem that you have done a great job with it and saved some money in the long run. Yes, we do the same things too,. We fix up and or paint little by little for the same reason. DH paints well and likes to do so but anything else we have to hire in, not that handy. We may have to get someone to put up new wall paper in our bath after we probably remove iit. It is such a pain. We tried to wallpaper years ago in a small bath. Do you remember (or are you old enough to remember) foil wall paper? It was horrible to do and after we finally finished we decided never again;. of course if we had ever done it before that wpuldn't have been so bad - but it was. At leaset I had never tried and I am not sure he had done much if any.

    It sounds really nice. Please do post the pic of it when you are all done. It would be great to see.

    I never did like the wallpaper in our bath when we moved in about 13 or so yrs ago. We are trying to be so careful and save with the ecomony like it is, and not knowing what will come next. I am sure it was the original paper for the other owners who built it years ago.

    As it is now DH is now touching up paint all over to cover knicks and all. I am trying to clean molding and some walls and doors. The big job was getting to find the right color for touch up. We had painters come in for work that we could not do structural and cracks in the ceiling which they had to patach. It looks great. I troied to find the color a year or so ago when we did another room. You know how many shades of off white there are?? Good grief!!

    It came out OIK but was not the same. We just painted the whole room.

    Keep us update Mikie and good work !


  3. Mikie

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    Y'all sound like kindred souls. Yes, I do remember foil wallpaper. We had it in our master bath back in the late 70's. At the time, it was beautiful. You can remove old wallpaper with a mixture of half and half vinegar and water. Windex will work too. You soak it and scrape it with a metal spatula. Lots of work. If it's vinyl, the vinly layer will usually strip easily, leaving the paper and paste behind. That's when the scraping begins.

    When I moved in, the bath I just redid was papered in a hideous huge bubble gum pink flower design. Keep in mind that this is your usual small condo bathroom. Aack! The kitchen was papered in pink and blue wizardy horizontal stripes, much like electronic sound wave graphics. Again, Aack! First thing I did was remove the paper in both rooms.

    Wall cracks are common here after hurricanes with high winds. I've gotten quite good at repairing them. After Hurricane Charley, they sent in two guys who were horrible. I ended up having to try to fix what they did. Our condo assn. refused to pay them for the work out of the insurance check we received. There are usually cracks where the cabinets pull away from the walls too.

    In FL, they have to put in retention ponds to collect water during our rainy season and prevent flooding to homes. For a long time, developers were allowed to use blasting to create the craters for the ponds. Because of all the lawsuits from surrounding neighborhoods, it is no longer allowed. Some blasting down the street caused cracks in my walls. It cracked the concrete apron around our pool and we had to have pavers installed over it.

    Yes, trying to match paint is the pits. I keep all my old paint cans with a bit of paint in them so I can match it. Only problem is that if it's been a while, the paint on the walls change and the touchups will show, even if the original paint is used. It's only me here, so keeping the damage to a minimum is fairly easy. About the only thing that happens when my grandson visits are "mystery spots" which appear in my carpet. Same thing happens with his other grandma.

    Good luck with your projects. Yes, with the economy as it is, and everything from tools to paint being more and more expensive, projects don't come cheap anymore. This has been an expensive year due to having to replace aging appliances. Everything is now new in here and that is a comfort to me. Of course, now my car is getting older and will likely be needing some work, but that's another story :) I can't do that myself. Why did I ever let that mechanic I was dating get away?

    Love, Mikie

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