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    Father Carl Subler travels Afghanistan, ministering to US troops in need of spiritual sustenance. Go to the site below and at ENTER, click and it will start the fantastic photos and then the story appears below each photo.

    We forget that he travels to various places in Afghanistan to minister to our soldiers. He ministers not in beautiful churches, but outside on the ground, and many times he is interrupted by explosions and gunfire from the other side.

    Anytime we feel we are not sure what path to follow, we can look to this man who gives it all for fellow soldiers and God.,29307,1970495,00.html?cnn=yes

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    truly wonderful to see. A lot of the men and women over there need just that. We have a cousin going this month. So, prayers for him. It is hard to believe the willingness of these people to put themselves into harms way, but at the same time, am grateful that there are those that are very willing to protect our country, and that they have the strength in mind and body to do it.
    Thanks for posting this TwoCatDoctors!
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