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    I saw red when reading your message to granmakitty about that dr. bad-mouthing you. I had the same and was devastated. You know, this stays with you for life. I have a sense of humor and nothing can get you past this being charted about you. That's exactly what the next Dr. looks at and forms their opinion on when treating you. After their colleague has more value in their opinion and worth then you do as a patient. Right away: your not to be believed.

    Had family memeber's attended the appt.'s with me and when we reviewed the chart progress notes-blatant lies charted about their conversation or input with these dr.'s. They were shocked. I wasn't.It's like being on a black list. We are not difficult people to deal with and extremely compliant. Have never cancelled nor missed one appt. This was so uncalled for. We don't even call the office and complain.

    I to this day-try to go in being objectionable. Yet feeling like-a boom will be lowered and slamming me any minute. No history of abusing any medication. So I don't get this. I have no answer for such damning attitude.
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    My pain was from the gall bladder, my physician treated my pain with morphine which is containdicated with gall bladder. Needless to say I could hardly move, breathe or function. My physician recommended I go for bio-feedback which I did. When I explained that I couldn't tell my brain to ignore a pain that I knew was not from fibro, my physician charted that I refused to take her recommendation and that I was just interested in the drugs, it went on this way for over a year as my gall bladder got worse and worse. Til this day I cannot go to a physician in my local hospital area, because they are afraid to get involved with what they obviously know is a potential malpractice suit. Sad thing is, I don't believe in frivolous suits, I just wanted to sort it out and put it behind me, but the physicians fears make honest conversation impossible. I feel badly for us all.