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    I am a type II Diabetic who has experienced chronic itchy skin for the past two years . no solution has been found , in spite of having been seen by various Dermatologists . I have had prescribed a variety of topical cortisone creams in ever increasing strengths , the result being that now my skin is thin and is subject to bruising very esily . I have been tested for allergies , none showed (patch tests).I have taken antihistamines which also didn't make any difference , but they do make me sleep better .I recently had two other medications prescribed , which do not contain cortisone ,neither of which has helped . The first one even seemed to make me react more . The second one may have helped a little , yet it still goes on . The areas most affected are my arms very severe , small of the back , one thigh and calves . I am now talking to a nutritionist and modifiying my diet ( which I try to keep proper since I am diabetic ).I am desperate to find a remedy and welcome any ideas . BAZZ