BC pills - how bad are they for us really?

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    Hello again!

    I started talking about this in another post, but I figured I'd start a separate topic for it. I am debating whether to start taking BC pills again, but I've read various things on how bad they really are for women, especially w/CFS. The situation is that I had taken them for about 5 years, I've been off them for 6 mos. I feel no difference in my fatigue levels, in fact I'm probably worse - but I don't think the BC pills are a factor in that. The reason I liked taking them was less periods (one every 3 mos) because I was taking them continuously, and thus less of the emotional roller-coaster, but mainly it was to control skin problems. When I was taking them, I probably had 50% less blemishes, and when I had a slight tan I barely had to wear any makeup. Well, now my face is a mess and I have to wear heavy foundation and powder to cover it up and I hate it. Not to mention the blemishes have caused small indented acne scars, which are also slightly red, so I am feeling very self-conscious and can't go anywhere w/out the makeup. When I actually stopped taking the pills, I went thru a horrible breakout stage for about 1-2 months. I want my skin back to normal, but all this talk about how bad the BC pills are for us scare me. Any opinions??

    Thanks so much,
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    ....since FM, but I used to take them for years & loved how my body felt. I swear I felt more "normal" on them than off, & loved light periods, no cramps, etc.

    I recently tried to start them again because I am prone to ovarian cyst problems, and the pill would queit my ovaries down a lot. However, since FM, I deal with swollen feeling hands & feet-----after a few days on the pill, my hands & feet were in agony, so I had to stop them.

    My personal feeling is, listen to your own body----my body told me to stop, but if you FEEL okay on them, or actually better, you could be fine with them. I don't think we all have identical reactions to things even tho we have FM/CFS.

    I WISH I could still take them!

    Good luck to you,
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    bad my body is already I refuse to take them, (much to my docs disgust.)
    I was on the mini pill after having Imogen & was told with breastfeeding that it would work fine, it didn't & along came Leah.
    Now I am on baby no.4! So I figure that if it isn't even going to work for me I'm deffinately not taking it.
    Anyways after this one hubby has offered to get the big V, so I wont have to worry about birth control ;) (Actually he offered to get it done before this one LOL)

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    I'm not really concerned about "birth control" for the sake of not getting pregnant....I want to take them for the effects of having less blemishes, less mood swings/depression prior to my period, and less periods, period, lol.

    I hate to say this, but sometimes I feel I don't want to live that long anyways with this condition. So, I don't know how much I really care about having a heart attack, stroke, etc....I'm 28 y/o by the way.

    All I'm really worried about is possibly worsening the chronic fatigue, and well, being off them hasn't seem to have made any difference in that area...


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    You sound a bit like me. I've been on them for about 6 or 7 years now(I'm 25). I tried to stop taking them about 6 mos. ago and had to start again. without them, i bleed constantly, so i need them for regulation. Fortunately, i didn't have the acne problem, but i kind of understand how you feel about not wanting to live a long life with this DD. Anyway, I agree with the rest, listen to your body and weigh the pros and cons.
    Hugs, camelgirl
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    You've gotten a lot of responses here, but the bottom line is, we are all so different! What is a horrible thing for some of us, may be a good thing for some others.

    I remember a recent post on the "Tip of the Day" which happened to be about the potential toxicity of permanent hair coloring. There was a rush of responses, most saying they would not even THINK about giving up their hair dye!! Why? I believe that with all the many things we have given up for these diseases, such as dreams, careers, spouses, coffee, alcohol, fun, to name a small few---- we long to have some self-esteem, something that makes us feel pretty or special, maybe even makes us feel a part of the "normal" world. For these ladies, it was hair coloring. For you, it may be having the clear, unblemished skin you used to. Maybe you get through your typical CFS day a LITTLE better just knowing that no matter how tired you are, how fatigued you feel, at least your skin is glowing.

    I, for one, sure wouldn't tell you to give up that feeling, not when your body says you feel fine on BC pills. I think we need to listen to our bodies----and the pill definitely isn't right for everyone's body------and also listen to our hearts, as far as what makes our QUALITY of life better.

    I wouldn't dream of suggesting anyone here stop taking strong pain drugs for their FM.....QUALITY OF LIFE! We've all got to find it for ourselves, and for each of us, it comes in a slightly different package.

    Good luck, Holly, you'll make the right decision for you on the BC pills.

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