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    Hi BDT!

    Just a quick email, wondering how you are doing..........I have not seen you on the boards for a while. I hope that all is well with you!

    Hoping you are feeling okay and getting some sleep! I have a feeling you may not be doing so great, I hope I'm wrong!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort to you,
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    Hi BDT,

    Sorry it took me so long to post reply, had a really crappy day! I feel like I have a flu or something but you know how it could just be the fibro or CFS or even stress, who knows. Feeling a bit better now so I thought I would reply back now otherwise I know how I am and I would end up doing it late at night! I have had insomnia for the last few night and have slept really late, mostly because I have been feeling wired at night and staying up too late. I need to get on a better schedule and go to bed earlier so I can get up at a decent time. Being off work has created a monster in me and so I have been enjoying my quiet time after hubby goes to bed!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you're having such a rough time and feeling so tired and still not sleeping well! The depression and paranoia is probably worse due to lack of sleep and severe fatigue! Your dr. does not sound very sympathetic at all, I would look for another one for sure! Someone who understands your DD's a lot better. Sorry, I have the memory of a gnat, what meds are you on again? You definetly need something that can help you get better sleep as it just magnifies all of your problems. I'm the same way, if I don't sleep well I feel more fatigued, depressed and generally crappy, esp. now. I know that sleep, diet, exercise and therapy are much needed and I don't eat right or exercise hardly at all!

    What kind of insurance do you have? It sounds really crappy and you need the best so you have a chance at feeling healthier mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually! I am doing better every day though I do have bad days still but at least the meds seem to be helping. I hope that it helps for you to vent and think you should do it more often! It really helps me a lot! By the way, what kind of back surgery do the drs. want to do? I hope it's nothing too serious.

    Well.........wish I could write more but I'm starting to get hungry finally and am gonna eat dinner. Maybe that will help me feel better as I have not had much of an appetite in the last few months and have lost 20 lbs mostly from stress and this new dx.! Not the healthiest way to lose it but I hope I don't gain it back!

    I hope you are feeling better very soon and can get some sleep tonite. Reply back when you're up to it, I always look forward to hearing from you!

    Faith, Peace and Comfort, Julie :)
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    Hey you!

    Just checking in to see how you're doing today! Are you still in a lot of pain and feeling really fatigued? I pray for you and others on this board and I said a little one for you last night, hope it helped! I wish that you could get on Klonopin ( generic med is Clonazepam ) that's what I take and it is the best med I have ever tried for the insomnia and panic attacks. Thank God it is so cheap for me, only $5 co-pay and it does'nt make me feel weird if I take a half one during the day to help stop the panic attacks and I always take 1 at night and don't feel groggy in the morning either ! I wish you had a better dr., one who would help you with the pain and fatigue! Could you possibly get another dr. on your insurance? Maybe an Internal Medicine one? My dr. is in internal med. which means she can do more tests and has had 2 more years of school than a general practitionor. She always takes time for me to talk about everything and gets me on the right meds. She has had me seeing the same shrink for 9 years and he is fantastic! She also refers me to other drs. when I have needed them and always good ones! My shrink is REALLY helping me to get everything covered for my leave from work and helping me understand bipolar more! He even loaned me a really good book on Bipolar which I read a little bit of every night and it helps me when I am feeling too wired or depressed.

    I am also doing a little research on the web and getting some really good advice/help on the message board. BTW thanks for bumping up my post, it really helped! One can never have enough knowledge with all of these DD's we have,right? My weekend was okay except that I had a migraine on Friday nite til Saturday afternoon, but Sunday was good, got some stuff done like laundry, dishes and some good quality time with my hubby last night! How was your weekend? Feeling ANY better, I sure hope so, I hate to think of you still sufffering! What do you take for the paranoia and depression? It does'nt seem to be helping much right now! I hope and pray that you are feeling better by the time you get this reply. Oh, and I hope your pain has lessened as well. Nothing worse than being fatigued, in pain, depressed and feeling paranoid at the same time! Does the paranoia keep you at home most of the time? I hope not cause I know how that feels and I have been getting a little agoraphobic since my breakdown and new dx! I have to go out tomorrow to go to the dr. with my son , out to lunch and to get a haircut! Then Thursday or Friday I want to go thrift store shopping with a friend, I love the thrift stores as we have a lot of them here in Reno! I sure hope I feel "good" enough to go!

    Take care of you and I hope you're having a "good" day!

    Many soft hugs, Julie ;-)
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    Hey you!

    Sorry I could'nt reply back until now, I had a really busy day and then came home and did more! I don't know why but I felt a lot better and had more energy then I have had in a long time! I wish I felt like this every day!! Before I forget, thanks for always bumping up my posts, it really helps. I bump yours up sometimes too!

    Well, the migraines are gone but I had IBS and several panic attacks so far this week except for today, Thank God! It's a good thing because I'm going out to lunch with my mom tomorrow and thrift shopping with a friend on Friday. Saturday I plan on taking it easy and just watching movies I've recorded and reading, a nice bubble bath sounds good too!

    The weather here has been pretty crummy, just on and off rain and wind then 1 or 2 days it's sunny and pretty warm. My allergies are finally getting better and my hubby is going to drain the pool, clean it and fill it up tomorrow, yahhhhhh! It will take about 2-3 days to be warm enough to swim because David got a solar cover that goes around the pool for $20 at a yard sale and it's worth about $700-$800 dollars! Can you believe that? I'm sorry that you have'nt felt good enough to go thrifting or yard saling because of the panic attacks! Maybe if the weather is nice you could go with a friend or your hubby, someone you feel "safe" with and try it again sometime soon!

    I know you feel too paranoid or are afraid you're going to have a panic attack but you need to try to get out a little bit more. Even if you walk around the block or go to a store you like for even say 10 minutes each week it would probably get easier as time goes by. Can you take a half of a Xanax too stave off being paronoid or feeling panicky like an hour before you go out ? That's what I do when I feel that way and it almost always helps! Yes, I do feel paranoid sometimes if I have to go out esp. when being around a lot of ppl. Mostly it's the panicky feeling I get more than anything but the feeling is very similar sometimes, you know?

    In the last few weeks I have become a little agoraphobic and don't want to go ANYWHERE even when I have to. It's an awful feeling and I know what you mean about feeling kinda loony, I do too! But you are not loony or crazy it just feels like it to you, other ppl. probably don't hardly even notice it when you are out in public and trying to hurry or acting nervous. trust me. It is not as bad looking at it from the outside as it is to feel it on the inside, which IS a horrible feeling, I can completly empathize with you on that!

    I'm so sorry that you are feeling so bad mentally and physically right now. Your back must hurt a lot, my sister has had a lot of issues with hers and had to have surgery twice but still has to be careful. I had 2 cervical fusions and disectomies and 1 shoulder rotator cuff repair with bone spur removal. I feel a LOT better in that regard but still have to be careful and now have bursitis in my left shoulder. I get cortizone injections every 4-6 months and that seems to help a lot. I bet you're like me and can predict the weather when your bones ache worse or your back hurts worse,lol!

    I'm sorry to hear that you are still not sleeping well, what the hell, when is it going to let up? Very SOON I hope! It's so hard for us with all of these DD's and noone but you and I and ppl like us can really understand. Thanks for always listening to me and for your kind words of encouragemant and caring, it really does help me! It makes me feel good that you can vent and know that I listen and truly do care also!

    I hope you can get some decent sleep tonite and feel better tomorrow. Oh and when do you see your shrink again? Make sure you tell him ALL of the things that are truly affecting you and that your paranoia, anxiety, and panic attacks are getting worse,k? I look forward to hearing from you again as always! One more thing, what I do when I can not sleep or am feeling anxiety ridden is pray, write in my journal, listen to music or take a nice big bubble bath, just some suggestions! They say that watching TV or being on the computer before you go to bed is too stimulating and makes it much harder to get to sleep.

    Take care of yourself and know that I and others on this board really are here for you,

    Faith, Peace and Comfortable Sleep, Julie ;-)

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    Hi BDT,
    Hey you, haven't heard from you in a while and I'm hoping and praying that you are okay! The weather here has been so crappy and I have a little flu-bug so I've been staying home the last 3 days, good times, lol! I hope to hear from you soon, Hugs, Julie ;-)

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