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    Hi BDT!

    I hope you are doing well! I have not heard from you in so long I was wondering if I offended you in some way. I sure hope not. I would never hurt anyone's feelings in any way so please let me know why you have stopped replying to me. I hope that you are feeling better and getting some sleep!

    Faith and Good Health, Julie

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    Just came on the computer and saw your reply. Sorry to hear that you overdid it on the 4th but I hope you at least had a good time. We had my daughter and her boyfriend over and enjoyed the fireworks on the front porch. We even got out a couple pair of binoculours and shared then so we could see them really close up!

    I'm so glad that I did'nt hurt your feelings or anything, it's just that I usually hear from you more often. I really enjoy hearing from you and hope you're feeling better. Are you sleeping better these days or getting any relief from the pain? I'm in a bit of a flare right now because we had our grandson over to swim on Thurs. and I picked him up in the pool quite a bit. Not too smart huh? I slept almost 11 hours last night and then woke up with my back hurting a lot and a bad headache. Feeling a bit better now that I stretched some and took an extra pain pill! I have a lot going on this week so I plan on just babying myself for the rest of the day/night and tomorrow as well. I really want to go to church tomorrow so we'll see how I feel.

    I've really been enjoying the pool though since it's been so hot this last week and plan on continuing to exercise and swim after my back is much better! Has it been very hot where you live? Have you felt well enough to get out much at all? I know how hard it is for you, just hoping the best ! Well, better go lie on the heating pad! I think I'll watch a movie until hubby gets home from work!

    Take care of yourself and I hope today brings you some good rest and relaxation!

    Many gentle hugs, Julie

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    Hi BDTMU516,

    Just wanted to check in to see how you are doing and to share with you what's been happening with me. I have been going through a lot of stress and can't get my meds right. I find myself crying over everything. I just submitted my paperwork for disability retirement on Friday and am praying that I get approved. They say it takes 1-3 months which isn't too long but in the meantime I have NO income and hubby is only working parttime.

    I hope you don't mind me "unloading" on you like this but need all the support I can get! My husband got really sick on Thursday and I ended up taking him to Urgent Care. Turns out he has a prostrate infection called "prostatitis". The dr. did a check up and a urine test and said that his prostate is enlarged and gave him 3 rx's for an ant-inflammatory, a antibiotic and some Vicodin. He said that if he doe'snt get better by Monday to get him into a dr. or take him to the hospital if he's really bad.

    I am so scared for him that he may have something worse like cancer! He seems to be doing a little better but I am still going to try and get him into a dr. a.s.a.p. tomorrow. If I can't get him in to a dr. and he is worse I am just going to take him to the hospital tomorrow. We have no insurance on him so I am really freaked about about the cost of everything too. His health is more important than anything so I will borrow money from family, use my credit card or whatever I need to do just for a downpayment so he can get treated.

    I just needed a shoulder to lean on and you are the 1st person I thought of on this board that I feel I can really talk to. I hope to hear from you soon. Just writing this reply is making me cry. Gotta go......

    Thanks for listening, Julie
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    Hi BDT!

    Sorry I did'nt post earlier but I ended up having to take my hubby to the ER. His symtoms were much worse and he was in a lot of pain (9 out of 10 ) on the pain scale. His stomach was so much more bloated and he was peeing okay but had been constipated for 4 days! Anyways, we were very lucky and he got in right away! The nurse did some blood tests and put a catheter in. Within about 10 minutes he filled up the bag twice ( 4 liters ) can you imagine? The blood tests came out good, no problems with his bladder and the infection was not super bad. He was just in so much pain from all of the fluid he was holding in and being so bloated and of course the constipation. The dr. said no need for an enema that he should be able to go with no problem once he got home.

    Sure enough once he got home he had LOTS of relief and even took a 2 hour nap after being up all night. We have to go to see a urologist on Thurs. who will take out the catheter and do a PSA test and an ultrasound. That's to make sure he is not at risk for prostate cancer or if he has it or not. So.........we will not know for certain that everything is allright until then but I am trying to think positive. I have a feeling, ESP maybe, I hope, that he's going to be okay! I can't wait until Thursday is over!

    Thanks so much for your kind reply. It really did make me feel better. I think I'll go take a nap while David is sleeping.
    I hope you're doing okay and getting some sleep too!

    Faith and Peace, Julie
    P.S. The hospital said we should qualify for financial aid and that they may even pay ALL of the bill![This Message was Edited on 07/18/2011]
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    Hi BDT!

    Sorry it took me a few days to reply. I've been taking care of my hubby plus all of the housework,laundry and cooking. Phew, I am sooooo exhausted esp. after today! Took hubby to the urologist and they took out the catheter. Then they said to come back at 1:00 to see if he was able to pee on his own. Well after all of the water and cranberry juice he drank he still could'nt go so they had to put the catheter back in. They had done a bladder sonogram when we came back and it showed that his bladder was full! So.......Now he has to keep the cath in until his next drs. appt. next Thursday, boy is he bummed!

    We won't know anything until they do the PSA test and an ultrasound to see if he is at risk for cancer or if he may have it. I've been staying strong and keeping a positive outlook for my hubby's sake. I finally broke down and cried when I called my mom because I have been keeping my feelings pretty much inside and I just could'nt stop crying then. My mom said a lot of things to make me feel better but I am still very scared for David. He has my heart and has had it from the start and I love him so much! I feel so bad for him having that damn catheter in and because he is really worried too and just does'nt show it much. Thanks for letting me vent, it really helps and thanks for being here for me. I'll keep you posted.

    So how are you doing? Are you feeling any better these days? I pray that you are getting some good sleep and not in a lot of pain! Take care of yourself and I look forward to hearing from you,

    Big Hugs, Julie

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    Is this a private thread or are we allowed to add a post.

    Don't want to step on any toes.

    FYI If you go to chat there is a way you can privately exchange email address.

    Take care.

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    Hi Gap!

    Of course you can post, would love to hear from you! I only started this because BDTMU516 and I like to check in with each other. I'm not really interested in Chat and we do not plan on exchanging email addresses. I hope I am not breaking any rules?

    Take care, Julie

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