"Be A Friend"

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    Why am I so lonely
    With people all around?
    None are very friendly and
    Always seem to wear a frown.

    I bid 'hello' in passing.
    They look as though I'm strange.
    They laugh, they chuckle, they snicker.
    But, at least, their faces change.

    Then, I come to this conclusion,
    Just what a simple hello could do.
    What if I offered a handshake
    Or just a kind word or two?

    Do you think this would make a difference
    To those people, all around?
    Maybe, I wouldn't be so lonely
    If to these things I would abound.

    So, first, before condemning,
    I turn myself about and
    Try to make myself a friend
    To those I blame and doubt.

    How easy it is to point a finger
    At others that bear not all the blame.
    So, do what you would others do
    And, maybe, they'll do the same.

    You may not gain a friend like this.
    But, I'm sure it would do no harm.
    Just think of all the warmth you'd feel.
    Then, love could be reborn.

    Oh, thank You, Lord, for the simple things
    To make our lives worth living.
    It's not always the things that you receive,
    But all the joy in giving.

    © by Leslie M. Willson, Sr.