Be careful where you park...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by livin4him, May 30, 2006.

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    I went to walmart this afternoon and came out only to find out someone had hit my car and drove off. Not a very nice person did this - to drive off. Just made me mad because I have to file under my insurance and pay the deductible. Not to mention, all the stuff I had to go through, police report, etc. And now to have to go through getting it fixed when I'm too tired to do anything.

    I am going to talk to manager at walmart tommorrow to see if they can see anything on surveillance camera. But, I doubt it will happen due to the way my car was hit, the car would be facing the other way so as not to see their tag.

    This same thing happened to a friend recently and she didn't have any luck either. Also, she found out that walmart only keeps one camera on at a time in the parking lot (at least the one where she got hit).

    Anyway, ya'll be careful and look out where you park. I was parked up front today, don't know what else I could have done.
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    that some jerk did this to your car. They'll get their payback, they probably think they will get away with it. Same thing will probably happen to them. Sorry that you had to go throught his today. Next time I'm in a parking lot, I will be very careful where I park. Thanks!!

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    My Mother hit a parked car at a grocery store parking lot last year and she was going to leave the scene without leaving a note. My Mother was 76 years old and still has all her mental facilities so it was not a senile move on her part. The lady came out of the store as my Mother wacked her car and told my Mother to stop and give her insurance information. Here in Texas if you have a parking lot accident, the police usually will not respond unless there is an injury.

    My Mother refused to give her insurance information to the lady and drove off. The lady copied down my Mom's license plate and ran it and got her address. The lady calls my Mother at home and complains that my Mother could go to jail for leaving the scene of the accident. Yes she could have. Since my husband is a criminal defense attorney we scolded my Mother telling her that she had committed a crime. I called the lady and settled the insurance claim with her. So sometimes people who know better and have insurance, still hit cars and drive off.