Be careful with Pregnenolone!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by klutzo, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. klutzo

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    An update for those taking Pregnenolone:
    I've been taking Preg at 20 mgs. every other day for 2 months and just got my lab results back .I'm glad I had them check my hormone levels.
    My estrogen is all the way up to 110. It was 19 before the Preg. At over 110, I would start having migraines again like I did on HRT, and I don't want that to happen! Not having migraines anymore was the best thing about menopause.
    Also, my DHEA is too high now, at 560, when 414 is the upper limit for my age. This may be why my insomnia is so much worse.
    So, I will have to lower my dose to 10 mgs. every 3rd day. I know a couple of you are taking a lot more than I am.
    If you are taking Preg, please be sure to get your hoemone levels checked once in awhile. Preg can do wonderful things, but it's long term effects are not known.
    BTW, my cholesterol, which was the main reason I was taking Preg, only went down 6 points,and is still way too high.
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    Hi Klutzo,
    It's a good thing you got your hormone levels checked! I'm a bit overdue for my annual Adrenal Stress Index Test and I'll probably get my cholesterol checked later this year. I have a fabulous endocrinologist so now I look forward to actually going to the doctors because it is enlightening!

    That's too bad that the pregnenolone didn't work in lowering your cholesterol. My husband seems to be lowering his cholesterol using olive oil (uncooked and unheated) on his dinner.

    Love, Jasmine
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    Life Extention Foundation (I read their journal) says you can lower cholesterol with a supplement called policosinol.Its cheap, like l0 or 20 a month. Its the kind that works by helping the body suppress making so much; not the kind that works by binding up lipids. Haven't tried it myself because it is a problem I dont have. I suppose you could read about it on-line by checking out their web site and doing a search. Good luck.
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    I wish I could take policosanol, but it's made from beeswax,and I am part of the one percent of the population that is allergic to bees. I have tried octacosanol,which is supposed to do the same thing but it's made from spinach, and it did not work for me.
    I do not know if it was said total estrogens on the lab sheet, so it probably includes the weaker estrones as well. However ,I noticed the same improvement in my mood as I did with HRT, and it was total estrogens that were only 19 before the pregnenolone, but are now 110. Estradiol is what made my migraines come back, so I'll pass, thank you!
    I want to mention that my BUN/creatanine ratio is now too high, probably due to my low carb diet. That means my kidneys are in trouble, and I will have to back off on the high protein. I love the diet and don't want to do it, but kidney failure is not worth it. I am on the Guai, another reason to stay on high protein and low carb. I guess semi-starvation is the only thing that really is supposed to make rats live 30% longer anyway!