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    Please help raise awareness, this May 12th, the 20th anniversary.

    There are several ideas listed, about how we can all help this effort. From sending emails, to holding rallies, we can all get involved somehow.

    Each of these sites and the contents are approved to be copy/pasted, and shared.

    (There is a purchase option here for t-shirts. I have confirmed that all profits will be used for both biomedical research in the UK, and for defraying costs of May 12th events in the US, such as permits for rallies, ect.)’s mission is to raise Global Awareness for Neuroimmune Diseases including the following:

    •Lyme Disease - LD
    •Myalgic Encephalomyelitis – M.E.
    •Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - CFS
    •Gulf War Illness - GWI
    •Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - MCS
    •Chronic Myofascial Pain
    •Mold/Biotoxin Illness
    •Fibromyalgia - FM
    •P.O.T.S. & OI
    •Lou Gehrig’s - ALS
    •Multiple Sclerosis - MS

    We believe that raising awareness of neuroimmune diseases will increase funding for research, provide for better treatment, and eventually lead to a CURE for these debilitating, disabling and often “invisible” diseases.

    Our goals to raise AWARENESS include:


    ? Holding respectful global public demonstrations to aid in removing
    the stigma attached to these illnesses.

    ?Educating medical personnel, pharmacists, hospitals (for better treatment) and the public on
    the facts of these diseases (many symptoms, seriousness & debilitation) and research being performed.

    ?Raising awareness of the need for funding research to identify biomarkers for proper diagnosis
    and clinical trials.

    ?Promoting FDA/government approved medications (like Ampligen, LDN, & MM) for these conditions.

    ?Advocating for more sensitive/better disease testing, specifically for Lyme Disease.


    "Speak Up About ME works to empower those affected by ME

    (aka ME/CFS, CFS, CFIDS, and a slew of unprintable names as well)

    - especially young people with ME/CFS and their families.

    We work to help people find their advocacy voice,

    to help people develop the confidence in their knowledge about ME,

    so that people can get the services they DESERVE, and

    so that people can work to change the misconceptions about ME.

    We welcome you to work with us!

    (We use the term early onset ME/CFS to refer to people who became sick with ME/CFS before the age of 23.)"

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