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  1. windblade

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    How are things coming along with Virgil?

    Hope things are working out well during the time of adjusting and getting to know each other!

    Blessings to virgil and all your family.

    Love, Wind
  2. Beadlady

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    Virgil seems to be adjusting pretty good and I think my husb & I are adjusting good too.

    He doesn't like to be left alone, and poops on the floor, so we have been putting him in the kennel we have in the house when both of us are gone. He barks for awhile but eventually calms down and takes a nap until one of us gets home--which at the most has been 2 hours.

    Virgil loves to play with his toys in the house and now a little bit outside too. I going to get a small flexible frisbee this weekend for him.

    He has lost a couple of teeth on the bottom front-and the new ones are really sharp. He also sharp nails--not so much that they are long but they have a point on them--we have a battery operated nail filer, so we are going to try that.

    Hoping this weekend to try giving him a bath too.

    Thanks for asking about us. I really wish I could post a pic of him on here.

  3. windblade

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    I wish you could post a whole bunch of pics too. I would love to see him. I thought he was a few years old - but is he still a puppy?

    Love to hear about him playing with his toys in the house, and even venturing to play outside. Hearing about animals always cheers me up. I love that he has a home now, and his own people .

    Do you know what his background was?