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    Hi there,
    Can you please let me know if Dr. Strader gives adequate pain medication without having to beg for them? It's real important, since my last Dr.'s appointment was so disapointing she gave my a rx for vicodin 5mg. 1 tab a day only when necessary!! To say the least I don't plan on seeing her again. I can to tomorrow to go get my LTD form
    hope she could fill that out properly!!

    Please answer me ASAP! Thank you in advance!!

  2. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member


    THen it's worth paying him and trying to get reimbursed from
    medicare and my seconday insurance. I went yesterday to another dr. which was again quite disapointing. I'm so very glad you answered my post. Beanbox where do you live in Raleigh, I love to talk to you (on the phone if you would like). or e-mail me direct--I'll give you my e-mail address--but I'd really perfer to talk--I'm having great difficulty typing and spelling these days!!

    Love and Light to you!!


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