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    I noticed your post about you talking to your doctor about the gastric bypass surgery. You had mentioned that your doc was totally against it.

    I was wondering if you had considered LapBand surgery instead? Perhaps your doc would go for this one. Death with gastric bypass is 1 in 200. Death with LapBand is 1 in 20,000. This means that LapBand is 100 times safer than gastric bypass.

    I am by no means talking you our of it, I am just suggesting a different route that your doctor might be willing to go along with,

    It is totally reversable. There is no cutting, stapling or re-routing of the organs. With the gastric bypass, you have to be so sick that you would eventually die to find a doc to reverse it also. And the procedure to reverse it is more conplex than the gastric bypass.

    I am suggesting this to you because after 9 years of having FM, CFS, RLS, MPS along wtih some other conditions, I decided to get the LapBand surgery in March of this year at the age of 25. All of the meds that I was placed on made me gain weight, and like you, it wouldnt seem to come of easily.

    To date I have lost 50 lbs. And I was barely considered heavy enough to get the procedure. I was thin my whole life up until i got these conditions. But my father's side of the family is all big, with conditions related to obesity, so my doc thought it would be a good idea...possibly preventative in a way. Most of them have had the gastic bypass because they were considered too big to be successful with the LapBand.

    I hope this helps. Possibly your doc is afraid of the risk and the danger of the procedure. If you need anymore help, please feel free to ask anything at all.

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