"Beating Chronic Fatigue" by Dr Kristina Downing-Orr

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by shaz73, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. shaz73

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    Has anyone else heard or read this book? The author has had CFS herself and has fully recovered by using one of the treatment options detailed in this book: either the medical or nutritional option. Book was published in 2010 and also has sections on handling stress and dealing with the pscychological impact of having the conditon.

    The medical option involves taking Nimodipine (brain circulation), Gingko biloba (peripheral circulation), L-Glutamine (brain function) and Evening Primrose Oil (brain function and muscle symptoms.

    The nutritional option involves a HUGH amount of supplements... D-Ribose, Acetyl L-carnitine, St Johns Wort, Whey protein powder, Probiotic supplements, L-Glutamine, Gingko biloba, BioCare OxyB15, Rhodiola, Magnesium ascorbate, Phosphatidyl serine, N-acetyl cysteine, BioCare Vitaflavan, Co-enzyme Q10, Fish oil supplements, and Milk Thistle. Phew! Need a bank loan to afford all that stuff, personally...

    Just wondered if anyone had tried either of these options or what people think about it? I try to educate myself about all possible treatments/strategies.

  2. kbak

    kbak Member

    I haven't read her book but have read others. First off I get real suspicious when people say "I had CFS and have been cured using".... It all goes back to the complicated issue of CFS. There are degrees of illness. Does someone have just the fatigue without any viral involvement? That could certainly lead to a quicker "cure" then someone who has serious viral involvement.

    I take a lot of supplements, and I feel they help me do better than I would otherwise, but there is no "cure" for the viruses I harbor just treament. Then really, wouldn't taking that many supplements cause you to feel sick from supplement overload, not to mention the cost?

    Personally, taking a few supplements that work well for me seems more sane. I think you have to take time and try different supplements one at a time and see how your body responds, and take the ones that work well for you. But "cure" that all depends how sick someone really is.

    Take care,
  3. shaz73

    shaz73 New Member

    Thanks for your reply. I can emphasis with what you are saying about being suspicious when people say "I had CFS and have been cured using". However, I would not dismiss this book quite so quickly, particularly if you read the author's own story: she "suffered from CFS following two viruses and was in the grip of the worst aspects of the illness for about two years... At some points so blighted by it that I was paralysed, bedridden and barely able to function.... I was exhausted all the time. ...My legs were as weak as jelly..., my upper arms ached with an unrelenting soreness. I would also feel faint and pass out for no apparent reason...Then I developed food allergies. My body seemed to be shutting down... I remember being afraid of going to sleep at night, fearful that I would not have the strength to get out of bed in the morning - which was, of course what eventually happened"

    Also one of the treatments options mentioned was developed by a General Practitioner in the UK called Dr David Mason Brown, and he also had it. He describes Kristina Downing-Orr's journey from "being so ill that she could only stand beside her bed for nine seconds before collapsing to a full recovery to the extent that she now walks nine miles a day."

    I do understand that not every one can or does recover from CFS, but surely it is worth looking without prejudice at anything that can improve a patient? The supplements are staggered over a period of weeks and can be adjusted to the person, as everyone reacts in different ways. I am with you on the cost though! I could not justify spending all that money to my husband...

    I am probably gonna take some of it on board. I do think its a shame to doubt things that have worked for others, and we have to be careful when questioning how 'ill' someone really was or is. Doesnt that make it harder for people to believe this is a REAL condition, by questioning others?

    By the way, what supplements do you take?

  4. kbak

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    Points well taken. I am juandice to be sure. My sis is also very sick and she has spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to get well, being taken advanvantage of by supposedly reputable alternative docs, who when they have bankrupted her told her there was no more they could do for her. She's been on this insane barely can eat anything diet because they have her conviced that she's allergic to everything. Well no sense carrying on.

    What I have found helps me the most is some very mild detoxing. I use flor*essence and hemp micro powder. I do it about 3 days a week, and alternate between them. These help detox the kidneys and liver. I use a gluten free protein drink everyday that I add spinich and fruit to. It contains most of the vitamins you need plus gluathione. I take a liquid B vit. because the pills make me sick. I also juice almost everyday.

    One of the gals here uses grapeseed extract and has very good luck. I can only use it occasionally because I react to it. There is a lot of good advice out there, forgive my strong reaction. I wish you luck with whatever you do.

  5. shaz73

    shaz73 New Member

    about your sister. There are some dodgy alternative docs (and conventional docs!) out there. Hardly eating is not gonna make her feel any stronger is it?

    Yes, I've heard much talk about grapeseed extract on here. I guess I may have to give it a go, although have tried many supplements on and off over the years.

    No need to apologise - strong reactions are understandable in our situations...

  6. DeborahLynn

    DeborahLynn Member


    I'm jumping in here to say... I just now googled the phrase "cures for CFS," and it came up with about 442,000 results. I guess I'm skeptical of anything that promises a cure, after having CFS/FMS for 9 years now and spending thousands of dollars on treatments and "cures." Not that I don't think some of us can be/will be cured; it just seems to me that folks are lining their pockets with promises for cures, and we need to be careful. Also, we CFS/FMSers know that what works for one may not work for another...

    My post seems kinda redundant; just thought I'd weigh in...

    Prayers for a blessed day for ya'll!


  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Known cause of CFIDS/ME nor no known cure. There are people who have gone into remission, some seemingly permanently. Most of us find things which keep us going but never recover completely. Some of us have good days and bad days. Some of us suffer relapses and experience remissions. My point is that we are all different. I would never say someone isn't cured but, by the same token, I never accept completely that someone is "cured."

    I'm always looking for things which have worked for others with the understanding that they may not work for me. Everything which has helped me is something I first heard of here from our wonderful, generous members.

    I even got to the point that I was able to work part time. Unfortunately, it now appears that I also have Sjogren's Syndrome and I'm again extremely fatigued. I've also had to increase my BP med dose and that also exhausts me.

    I think it's good for us to post about books and treatments here and I thank you for telling us about the book. I believe in healing but I don't believe in cures--yet.

    Love, Mikie
  8. surfnut

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    I`ve had ME for 10 years now during which I`ve tried anything and everything. Ive become convinced that there are really (to put it simplistically) 2 types of ME. If you get early diagnosis, are able to stop work, rest, do everything right, can afford the right foods and meds etc and have appropriate support, it`s possibly to `dip` into ME and out again within a couple years. If however, you arent diagnosed promptly, dont/cant stop work rest well etc, you move into the chronic/acute phase which is 10 times for difficult to recover from. :( I`m determined I will recover one day, but I think it`s important to be realistic with your expectations. Bri
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I think you make a good point. Problem for most of us is that we don't know what is wrong with us at onset and we just keep on pushing ourselves. Even if we have good docs, most of them aren't equipped to diagnose CFIDS/ME. Another problem for those whose CFIDS/ME is triggered by an infection is that the triggering infection isn't usually properly diagnosed nor properly treated and the infections go chronic, keeping the CFIDS/ME from going into remission.

    Thanks for your point of view. I believe it's a valid one.

    Love, Mikie

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