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    I started having pain about a year and a half ago. It came on like a freight train. First it was the irritable bowel and then came the muscular pain all over my body. I also believe that I may have a yeast infection due to bruising on my body and my lack of tolerance to alcohol and sugar. Large doses of sugar bother me and that it when I seem to get bruises. The bruises are yellow and none of the doctors believed me. I believe I have both a yeast infection and fibromyalgia. All my tests came back fine and I was told I was perfectly healthy. My fibro is healing now. The trick for me was sleep. I believe it is a vicious cycle that you have to break. I do believe that my anxiety disorder caused the fibro and I became even more anxious because of it which in turn made me lose sleep. Once I was on Ambien it started going away. Now I am on two Lorazepam 0.5 milligrams and one flexeril to sleep. The sleep is healing my body. My mind is waking up and my pain and arthritic stiffness is going away. I have also been on a no sugar, no yeast diet as this grately aggrevates the fibro or yeast which causes me anxiety which causes the fibro! I feel I am on the good cycle now, of sleeping good with the meds, feeling good which got rid of my anxiety during the day which makes the fibro feel good! I don't really know what is going on but for myself I do believe that the fibro is because of my anxiety disorder and the way I handle stress. Unfortunately it seems as if my body has a poor response to stress. The sleeping is the key. We're not sleeping just because of the pain but the anxiety as well. Sleep, relax during the day as much as possible, and stay away from large doses of sugar and alcohol which seem to aggravate it more than anything. Do as much exercise as you can tolerate. If you have to do it on pain meds then do it because if you don't then the muscles will hurt more. It is all about stopping the vicious cycle of anxiety. You have pain which makes you anxious etc. You need to sleep. Sleep will make it go away. Reduce the stress in your life. I never wanted to admitt that I had an anxiety disorder because I thought it was embarrasing. But in order to get better I had to. The reason I believe that there is no cure for fibro is because of the anxiety. If I don't learn to manage my stress and anxiety then it can come back. I may need to be on Lorazepam on and off for the rest of my life to keep the fibro in check. Not so bad really. Flexeril is great at night because unlike pain meds it actually relaxes the muscles so you can sleep. Sleep is the ticket. You will feel great in months to come. Now that my brain is waking up I can see things more clearly. I couldn't hear the sound of my voice before because I was in such a brain fog. I think the stress literally shuts your brain down to protect itself kind of like going into shock. I can't believe that I get myself that worked up but I do. Sometimes when the fibro first started the anxiety was so bad I couldn't stop it. Thats when I knew that this is the problem. I have always been excrutiatingly shy and perfectionistic which caused me so much stress. Almost better now. Only medications I'm on are the Lorazepam and Flexeril to sleep at night. Don't take Nyquil as the alcohol will make you hurt. The medications through a doctor work the best and the ones I'm on don't make me groggy. This is what has worked for me. Hope everyone feels better. This has been the worst time of my life.
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    for sharing your experience with your pain. I hope you continue to feel better. I know you have to avoid stress
    and get a proper amount of sleep. Sometimes it is hard for people to do that.

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    I could so much relate to your description of yourself as being shy and perfectionistic! I think that shyness (social anxiety) and perfectionism do really go together (in a vicious cycle). Here is one of my favorite articles on the subject (of perfectionism and social anxiety) I re-read it when I am having a hard time:

    Best, JP
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    Hi my name is Diane,,,and I am new to this messageboard...But I wanted to say that I too, have to sleep sitting up...I have been sleeping in my reclining chase lounge for 5 years...which means, I have not been in bed with my husband in these 5 years. I hate it, but its just how it is. And to be blunt, I havent had intercourse with my husband in the last 5 years either, as it is extremely painful. The miracle is, is that we are still together. I hate that my whole life has changed. And that I now live on many medications and still suffer. I wanted to join this messageboard to have some others, like me, to talk to.

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