'beautiful butterfly day' what do you think?

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    Hi everyone
    I recently spoke to a lady who knew a lot about lobbying government, fund raising, and getting attention brought to causes. She was very inspirational, and started a lot of ideas buzzing around in my head.

    One of the things she pointed out was the importance of getting our emblem well recognized by the public. Sort of getting it to stick in peoples head.

    I am constantly disappointed that our day, May 12, is not better recognized. Who, but us, remembers about CFS and FM.

    Today, while thinking about our butterfly, I thought of the words 'beautiful butterfly day'. It sounds so hopeful and inspirational. Sort of positive and happy(as well as easy to remember).

    So what do you think? How about referring to our day as 'beautiful butterfly day',or perhaps you have a different idea. I'm interested in any comments.

    Hope you're having a good day.
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