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    Two years ago my wife started chatting to a lovely kind caring girl on her regular chatroom. The two girls,(my wife 55, and lovely friend 36)got on beautifully.
    My wife had cancer 12 years ago and after radical surgery and years of check ups, she finally got the all clear and now lives a very full and happy life.
    Her friend had been diagnosed with breast cancer and she always appreciated my wife's advice and support. they talked frequently on chatline, e-mailed each other and chatted on the phone. Even though they never met, they had a very strong affection for each other and planned to meet up later on this year. With great sadness, we learned tody that her friend lost her struggle against cancer and passed away. She wanted my wife to know but her family do not want it discussed on her chatroom. Even though,it was not this website they talked on,I do not want to give out her name as per her families wishes.

    I pray for comfort and peace for her grieving family and friends
    I thank her for sharing her love and kindness with my wife. She was a wonderful friend to my wife even though they never actually met.
    Who knows? maybe they will meet up sometime in the future, I pray that they will.
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    I am sorry for the loss, please accept my sympathy. The Lord works in His own time. I ask that you receive comfort and guidance at this time of grieving.
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    Thanks for posting that here. Really is lovely and I hope your wife and her friend do meet one day as I am sure they will.

    Prayers to your wife and all the family and friends.

    Hugs and prayers,