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    i thought i read somewhere on here that there was a support group in beaverton, mi? anybody have any idea on this? also, i need some encouragement guys. my back, shoulders and jaw have been aching off and on for a couple weeks. my fingers in my left hand are tingling and im so exhausted physically and mentally. i lost my hubby in april to an ecoli infection and i miss him so bad, i cry everyday and im tired of crying, tired of feeling this way. i think im going through a very angry stage. i know that i have alot to be thankful for, and this board is one of them. oh, i've had cfs,fibro for over 12 years, and i'm 45 yrs old, feel like 80 esp now with that dreaded "w" word. (widow). my hubby understand my pain, my exhaustion and was so good to me with it. i feel like i have no body to share it with anymore, nobody to understand, to encourage me. i feel like im living in a shell, keeping secrets of my health and my broken heart. awwh, im sorry if i'm bringing anybody down with me, guess i justed needed to do this. please pray for me and send encouraging words, they mean so much as most of you know.

    god bless
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    couldnt leave you unanswered. I dont know if there is a Beaverton MI support group. We have one out here in oregon and have mentioned Beaverton and Hillsboro in some of ur conversations and that might be where you heard it. If not that then maybe this will bump you back up for someone else to see it.

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I cant begin to understand how you must feel. I do hope you find someone to share your feelings with...even if its only online it will help.
    take care
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    thank you!