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    Thank you for posting me with the information you have given me, I think that we will be sticking with the Adelaide area, now of course we will have to rent before we buy so what is the rental like there? is there a website you can find me so that I can check it out? Thanks again.

    love to all, Ann
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    Hi Ann,

    Renting in Adelaide is amongst the most affordable in the country. I've never rented but have looked into it and it was fairly reasonable. I don't know enough to give you an idea of current market prices but there's a couple of websites with lots of rental properties:

    Adelaide is very long from north to south so depending on what sort of area you want to live in, you may want to avoid either extreme (Elizabeth/Salisbury/Gawler to the north and Noarlunga/Christies Beach to the south. Those areas can also be pretty rough.)

    Renting in the city (suburb 'Adelaide' on those websites) can be pretty expensive and unless it's something you really want to do, I'd avoid it. Inner-city living is fairly new in Adelaide and it seems to mostly suit business people who don't spend much time at home.

    I hope this helps - I'm sure there'll be lots of people with ME/CFS ready to welcome you and offer any advice you may need :)

    Take care,


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