Beckster - Kaprex seems to be helping with FM pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by iamhopeful, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. iamhopeful

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    My doctor put me on Kaprex, a new supplement a few weeks ago, and it really seems to working. I didn't start using it right away because I wanted to get off the herbs I was using to be better able to judge its efficacy. I started with one tablet a day and built up to two. Its really has helped with joint pain and seems to be working on the soft tissue pain as well.

    When I visited my acupuncturist this week I mentioned to her that I started taking it and she is also using it and loves it - has recommended it to a number of her patients. She suggested I up my dosage to three for a day or two then cut back down, and I seem to be in much less pain today after following her advice.

    She said this is farily new, the brochure says that it is not a drug, but an all natural clinically tested combination of oleanolic acid, rosemary and a hops extract. "Kaprex works by reducing the production of chemicals in the body associated with joint and soft tissue discomfort.

    "Kaprex provides joint relief and may protect joint tissues from damage caused by free radicals and other undesirable substances. Equally as important, Kaprex has scientific evidence of safety in gastrointentional cells. Kaprex is effective and has a high level or predicted safety......The minimum recommended dosage is one tablet two times a day, however your doctor may recommend a higher dosage.

    It is available thru Metagenics, but you may need to have a doctor recommend it. My doctor has an account with an order number or something, that they always refer to when I call. So far I am pleased with the quality of everything I have order from them. This is a bit pricey and I am hot sure if insurance will cover it. About $35 for a bottle of 30 and $90 for the larger size. But it seems to be working when nothing else has. (edit) I should mention that I have a lot of problems taking prescription drugs, my system has trouble tolerating them and can't keep them down, I seem to do much better on more natural alternatives.

    I am about to start on a Licorice supplement for adreanal fatigue, will let you all know how that goes.

    Also started taking CAL/MAC a calcium- magnesium powder mixed with hot water and juice or herbal tea to drink in the evening before bed, it is also helping me sleep much better - discussed it with my doctor and she loves this product and sells it in her office. Wanted to get off of Elevil and try something natural before trying another med. Acupncturist also uses this and thinks it is great.

    Just wanted to share some good news.....sorry for the long post
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  2. Shirl

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    So glad to hear you are getting some help, this pain is just too much..............

    Will look up the supplement you mentioned.

    AGain, thanks for the advice, and keep us updated on how it is working for you.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. iamhopeful

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    Just wanted to make sure this gets seen, I posted late Friday and it seemed to have been overlookded in the weekend shuffle. I hope some of you look into it and try it.

  4. iamhopeful

    iamhopeful New Member

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    to the top!

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    I have a third appt. with my naturopath coming up and I do have lumbar degenerative disc disease multi-levels and facet joint arthritis which is really limiting my activity levels and interfering with my sleep and life along with the FM and I am definately going to bring this up when I see my doc. I am happy it is working for you and I hope she recommends it for me!! I have just printed out an articule on New Living Magazine on it. Thanks

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