Becoming a new creature in Christ

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    Hi, My computer has been gone all week. It's good to be back. I read this this morning and it was a good reminder.

    It does not matter if a person is circumcised or not. What matters is to become an altogether new creature (Gal. 6,15). Paul warns the Jews against the complacency they found in circumcision, as a sign of their being chosen. Paul says he will boast only about the Cross. He is always moving us from the outside (circumcision as a sign of holiness) to the interior, which is less comforting.

    When we settle in to prayer, our hearts gravitate to warm, comforting thoughts. We need to outgrow that. Jesus pictured the Pharisee coming before God in a self-congratulatory mode, listing the good works that set him apart from the rest of men. That is religion as a form of self-centredness.

    When St Paul points towards the Cross, he does not mean the penances I may choose for myself. Rather it is what the Holy Spirit does to me. The Holy Spirit is the sanctifier; that is his m├ętier. I become an altogether new creature by going along with God, allowing him to shape me. In prayer I reflect on my experience, especially on the pricks and points of unease at what has happened to me; and I say Yes, Amen to the Holy Spirit who through them is forming me into a new creature.

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