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    Hi all Does any one know of any cures for bed sores My wife has had three for the past 6 months , The home care nurses and a doctor only want to use wet to dry bandages her breast cancer in in remission at present time she had a tumor taken out of her sacrum since then back in July of last year she has not been able top walk at all. last Dec 25 she was close to death but we had a miracial happen and she is on the road to recovery but we know the cancer may come back Thanks or email us at
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    I used to work in a nursing home. To save money, we had to make our own medicine for decubitus (bed sore) Just get a clean large mouth jar or a medium size bowl with a tight fitting lid- Use plain ole regular sugar- pour sugar in the bowl till it is half full- Buy some betadine. Pour some betadine in with the sugar- till it makes a thick paste- mix. Your done! Depending on how large the "bed sores" are, get some of those nonstick pads from any pharmacy. Just put some of your "paste medicine" on the pads and tape them over the sore. Try to apply a clen pad and med at least once a day. These things do not heal quickly-. You may be wondering "how does that work?" Let me explain...In laymans terms- think of the bacteria or germ that is causing the bed sore, as an insect. That particuliar germ (insect) loves sugar- Simple , it eats the sugar- swallows some betadine and dies. If you can change the pads & med every 12 hours, that would be better. Also, do NOT skimp on the med- put a good amt on there. Good luck. Linda B D
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    Another trusty old method from my nursing home past, is to use bag balm which can be purchased in any pharmacy. It was originally used by farmers for their cows udders when they developed sores from milking or nursing calves. it is very effective and not too spendy, not only does it help the sores heal, but it also provides a barrier for moisture to reinfect the area, and it can be safely used on all parts of the body that is prone to sores.
    I hope this helps your problem, and good luck.

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    I don't know of any "home remedies", BUT do remember when my Mom had one when she was transferred from the hospital to the Nursing Home..Since she was in the NH, they used RX medication..
    **BUT, ONE THING THEY TOLD ME WAS THEY HAD TO INCREASE MY MOM'S INTAKE OF PROTEIN!! They gave her extra protein shakes and encouraged her to eat more protein..
    And I'm sure you already know that changing her position atleast every 2hrs is good for the bed sore..
    Wishing you & your wife the best!!!!!!!!
    Take Care............Donna
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    I use to work in a hospotal and the best thing that I have ever seen to heal bed sores is yeast infection cream. Any brand is find to use. Walmart has Monistat 7 which is good and also the equate brand which is a generic brand and it works good also.

    The other home remedies that IBD and Pegsus unicorn suggested are also good remedies.

    Hope this has been some help to you............Judy
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    I am a more modern person and have never had to make my own remedy for bedsores. However, the answer about the protein increase is an excellent one, also include some zinc and some vitamin c as well, now there is another option for you. Go to a hospital supply or have the doc write you a scrip for it and have them give you some Hydrogel with the islands. Now the whole idea is to put this thing on and use as minimal amount of tape on the skin as possible. Air can get thru it but it makes a cushion if you will to protect that decube.
    If it should begin to do what we call tunneling and getting worse I would reccommend a wound vac, it is a continuous drainage system for decubes. I saw it personaly work on one of my patients that had decubes for over 4 years and it healed it in 4 months! We had tried everything and that was our last resort.
    If you use the hydrogel dressings remember to clean it well with water and very mild soap, then I would reccommend hydrogel creme and then your dressing.
    Hope this helps you some.
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    I worked as a nurse in long-term care also. When our patients had bed sores we irrigated them with a water pick. The forse from the water pick lossed any decaying tissue quickly and left the wound well cleaned out. After the bed sore was cleaned out, we used dry heat to dry out the bed sore. if the nursing facility did not have a heatlamp, we would use a hair dryer set on the lowest setting. we would wave the hair dryer back and forth across the bed sore until it looked dry. (of course if the patient complained the heat from the hair dryer was buring them we would quit)Then we would apply a betadine dressing like the one described above.

    Good luck

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    I thought no one was going to mention the absolute necessity of turning every 2 hours. Also your idea of a different mattress was good. I had my Mom on a water/gel mattress for several years and it helped greatly. I also had her on a sheepskin pad which was good. For several years when she was still able to walk around on her own (but didn't know where she was or where she was going) I had a very large soft fleece belt from a man's robe that I was able to tie completely around the back of her wheel chair which hung loose in her lap in front. Consequently she was able to get up, and by holding on to the arms of her wheelchair, she quickly learned to manuever herself any where she wanted to go, even tho she was a small frail woman. She could go forward and backward and even get out of tight spots. This was possible for her because she , who didn't even know her own name, was using her mind to do what she wanted. But when I took her to the bathroom I literally had to drag her there because she couldn't understand what we were doing. She never felt constrained with this arrangement, and she could not go anywhere she would be in harms way. Also, she never once fell. When she was tired she could just sit down and rest. This kept her strength up and kept her from having a problem with decube. Ruthagnes
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    Thanks to all who posted about the bed sores and different ideas, esp. about turning every two hours, I had been doing this, but then I found out that another care giver was not doing what she was supposed to do, My wife passed away June 12 2003, The breast cancer came back,it really came back fast and it was her choice to forgo any more treatments, the chemo drugs she was taking was to much for her to bear any more, some people do good and others not so good with chemo drugs. I have a idea what she was going thru with the chemo treatments since I now take chemo drugs myself and it is not any picnic. As to the one care giver not turning her as directed, I didn't find out about this until after she passed on. We did find a product that really did start to heal her sores and it was bone showing deep, it is called Sorexil cream, It has neem oil, castrol oil, and aloe in it. this stuff came from India. $30.00 for 10- 20 g. tubes.
    I had to dry the wound first, then applied it 4 times a day, and the added protein helped too. Part of what she died from was she had a port in her chest and her body was shutting down then too, some how her port became infected by staph infection, that didn't help. Sorry for such a long post!, All the ideas will help in the future. Again thank You all,:) Patrick
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