Bed time/ nightmare, help, please,can't take this pain anymore

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  1. NewEnglander

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    Hi there
    thank you for reading my post.
    Lately bedtime is more like nightmare time. My pain starts to gets bad around 8:30 at night and just gets worst from there. Here is my drugs I take daily.
    8:30am 2 Vicodin
    3:30pm 1 vicodin
    5:00pm 1 vicodin
    8:30pm 1 Soma
    9:30 1 Hydroxyz tab
    10:30 1 Soma
    11:15 2 Klonopins
    I pack my neck on ice and back on ice for a couple of hours.
    I got into a car accident on march 16th, I believe I recieved a whiplash from this. I don't know but the Fm has taken on a new life and the pain is making me so weak and tired. I love life, I really do, but I just wish I could just go to a pain free sleep for just a few weeks so I could get a break. I put off the oxy cotin, and ask my doctor to give me more time with the drugs that I am on. I keep thinking I'm going to get better, and every now and then I get a ray of hope but then get hit with the pain even more. I feel so scared and confused. I really don't understand this, how can this be happening. I can't give up because I have to raise my son and my husband thinks too many people need me. when I'm okay I give all my love and attention too everyone, but when I'm in pain I go off to be alone. I'm alone in my pain.
    On Easter my family was all over me about my weight. they think I take my meds for diet pills and that I am an addict. I lost wieght because of the pain. 25 people came to my house for Easter. half of them were woman, they all brought food and went outside to drink wine and hang out the rest of the day. no one helped me. I took care of the older people and children and did the clean up myself. the women were so catty to me, this was my house. The chiro is not helping me. Anyway I did get a MRI today and blood work. I only got a c spine though, so not the whole back. I really do love life. I'm just sad today. I'll probably bump this post a couple of times, this is a fast moving board and I really need advice
    God Bless you just for reading such a long letter.
    Love Lisa
  2. Achy-shaky

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    I really feel for you and looking at your meds you may need to try something other than vicodin if it's not working well enough...seriously, you need to be on the oxy if your pain is that bad. Until you get the pain under control better all other symptoms will seem worse and I know with me, if the pain is bad I can not be social. Please don't let what anyone says get to you down - they don't understand. When you feel better you will be able to deal with that better. For now just focus on better pain control & call your doctor.

    Blessings and hugs.
  3. NewEnglander

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    thanks for your kind post, my problem is I'm afraid that if I go on the oxy cotin I will become totally addicted. I'm just confusded. I know I'm heading in that direction
  4. 57

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    dear lisa, i am so sorry you are going through what sounds like a flare i agree with the other person who says call your doctor so they can change your pain meds . i have to have that done ever so often also. i too have had a lot of auto accidents and it really makes everything worse . i am sorry what you went through at easter seems that was far to many people for anyone with this awful disease. as far as the women and how they treated you i would of asked them to leave it is hard enough for us to get through some days let alone everyone making it worse. do you think your pain at night is that you finally wind down at night and all the stress of the day finally gets to you ? one thing i know for sure is stress can make everything a hundred times worse. right now i have a lot going on and i had the worse flair today and it is because i have let all of these things worry me and it finally got the best of me and then i pay . one thing i might add is see if they will give you a muscle relaxer i take flexiril and have been on it since my diagnosis and could not be with out it i take mine at bed time and with trazdone . hope this helps . why don;t you got to the chat room for support they are great. bless you and hope you get better. sherry
  5. Dayle

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    sometimes we really need extra pain meds. You have had an accident & may also need antidepressants I was given Effexor last year & it helps with pain, relaxing & of course depression. Please talk to your Doc about this, it may make all the difference for you.
  6. NewEnglander

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    I'm so happy when I'm pain free, but that is happening less and less. I'm not depressed I'm in torment with this pain lately. I do take Klonopins though, thats a antidepressant I think. I can't be non depressed no matter how many anti depressants I'm on when I'm in that kind of pain. thank you for your advice though, It means alot
    God Bless
  7. Shirl

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    Sorry you are having such a bad time. I think you need to get your priorities in order. A family/friend gathering like you described is out of the question for someone with these illnesses! Thats too much for a healthy person to deal with.

    I don't know what to tell you about the pain, its probably caused from all the work and stress you went through Sunday.

    I don't take pain meds, so can't help you there.

    You could try a bath with 3 bottles of regular peroxide (large) and three cups of Epson Salts in a tub of very warm water, for 20 minutes of soaking. It will at least give you a good nights rest without too much pain.

    Be very sure for the next holidays coming up, that it is held at someone elses house. You bring a dish, then before you feel tired, leave! Thats what I do these days.

    I know what you mean about the weight, my DIL's mother is a very heavy woman with a huge appetite for any kind of food, plus she drinks beer to the max.

    When I am at my son's home for a visit (she is ALWAYS there) , she is constantly accusing me of being on a diet, or taking diet pills. I have never been on a diet in my life, and I eat very little food. NOt that I want too, but I never could eat large meals, and I don't drink beer!

    She had me so angry this Easter, that I could have really told her why she is heavy and I am not, but I only see my son and grandson a few times of the year, so I just said what I could without causing an outright war and got away from her for the rest of the time I was there.

    These type of people are very toxic, and they can cause us to get sicker than we are, plus they thrive on being ugly.

    There must have been close to fifty people at my son's house, coming and going, and she is the only one that is so negative and picky. Her own daughters are always telling her to shut up, she just finds somthing to tell everyone that is negative.

    I really think I am not going back anymore. I have had my fill of this.

    I hope you find something for your pain, a lot of bed rest would help too.

    Take care, and let us know how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl

  8. layinglow

    layinglow New Member are really overdoing it--the Easter fiasco would be detrimental to a healthy person...let alone someone with our disorders. Hon, I am with Shirl...It is time to make some definite life style changes, to improve your health. If you don't take this matter in hand now, these disorders will finally pull the rug out from under your feet, and you will find yourself bedridden, unable to do anything.

    Please call your Doctor, and tell he or she that your pain levels are exceeding your meds. When you get the pain under control again, than you can reduce to a milder therapy. Only 1% of chronic pain patients become drug addicts. A continuing, chronic, severe pain level is very hard on your health.

    Klonopin isn't an antidepressant.
    Klonopin, or its generic Clonazepam, is a benzodiazepine, It is used in Seizure Disorders: Clonazepam is useful alone or as an adjunct in the treatment of the Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (petit mal variant), akinetic and myoclonic seizures. In patients with absence seizures (petit mal) who have failed to respond to succinimides, clonazepam may be useful. It is also used sucessfully in anxiety.

    Dr. Chaney's articles can be found here in the library on the use of Klonopin. He suggest that many patients with these disorders suffer from mini-seizure activity.
    These neural symptoms include restless leg syndrome, sensory overload, anxiety, neuralgias, jerking and twitching, and sleep difficulties.

    You say you are taking two pills at 11:15pm. Might I suggest you take these earlier, with your docs permission?

    Please see your Doctor, as this should not go on. Also some antidepressants not only fight depression but have pain reducing qualities, too.

    Best wishes...I hope you are feeling better soon, hon. Please slow down and rest. Taking on outtings like that is courting disaster.

    Soft hugs, LL

  9. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    ...and you love life as much as the rest of us please consider the oxycontin. You are already taking enough vicodin to easily get dependent on that. It is just a matter of what is a healthier decision for you and exploring your options. Don't look to others for their opinions. Anyone who has not experienced chronic pain is usually not very well educated and they can be judgmental for what they think are good reasons.

    My take is that you are in quite a bit of pain and should consider options. Just my opinion. I never tell anyone else what to do. I hope you work this out for you.

    Take care.

    Lynda B.
  10. txangel

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    The pain gets really bad at night so I first take a really hot bath and then fix some ice packs. Then I just place them everywhere I hurt for a few minutes at a time untill I can't take it anymore or the pain stops. I hope this works for you it works for me most of the time. About the family I have learned that if I don't help my grannie with the dishes someone eventually will, but it hasn't always been that away, they would all just leave after they ate. And as far as the kids, I quiet watching them of course they broke a few thing around my grannie's house, but they don't expect me to watch them anymore and they have had to pay for things that their kids broke. So it's a little better now. So what I'm trying to say is, if you don't do it they will get the hint and quiet expecting it. Anyways I hope some of this will help and I hope you get some good sleep soon.

  11. pv

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    Like many of the others I also recommand oxyconton. I have used it for four years. AT times I do not need it 24/7. It has help me get out of bed. start exercising and do a few more normal things in life. Follow your Dr. orders and you should not become addicted. When we are in that much pain are bodies use it up. I am still on the same dose I started on, or use less depending on what I need Good luck.
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  12. Sandyz

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    Goodmorning Lisa. I hope you got a little sleep. I know how miserable neck pain can make you feel. Several weeks ago my neck was just horrid. It hurt to just hold my head up, it hurt when I was lying down. I just couldn`t get comfortable in any position. I felt so restless, I just wanted to get away from the pain but I couldn`t. It was awful pain, it felt like my neck was jamming into my spine. I have have degenerative disk disease so that was alot of my problem. I had gotten an adjustment at the chiropractor and it really got bad after that.

    The doctor finally but me on skelaxin and it got better after that. So I must have needed that muscle relaxant to get it under control. I was already taking klonapin, neurontin and percocet and none of these touched the pain. After that it just went away. Try a muscle relaxant if you haven`t tried one yet. If that doesn`t work, go for the oxy. You need to be able to function.

    Also, if you`ve had a whiplash its going to take a little longer to heal. Just hang in there, things will get better again.

  13. AlaSnoopy

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    I can't tell you what medications you should or shouldn't be on, I'm not a doctor, and I'm having enough problems trying to get my medications regulated. What you do need to do is set your priorites! In my life my daughter and my husband are the most important things in my world, they are why I deal with the pain and they are why I crawl out of bed when I don't want to. My family support is 1000 miles away, what I do have down here is a sil and mil who do nothing! On Easter they showed up and sat on their rears. My sil curled up on the couch and slept. My mil went on the porch and smoked. They never offered to do anything, they didn't bring anything! I ended up losing my job over a year ago because of my illness, and they know we are in finacial difficulties, but that doesn't matter around here. I am still expected to do it all. They never even suggested to do anything! I am currently seeing Dr. Heffez in Chicago, and that is 800 miles away from where I live but none of the doctors done here in 5 years have been able to do anything for me but medicate me. That is not living life, that is just being. I want my life back and I'm going to get it! I am only 32 years old and I feel like an old lady! I want my life back and I'm going to get it before my daughter is too old to enjoy me! You need to tell people like those women to leave your house, or better yet don't put yourself in that position. I know its hard, but we don't need it. At least I have a husband and daughter who support me 100%. They are always there willing to do whatever I can't and never complain. I am truly blessed with a loving family. Remember to be greatful for what you have and keep those priorites in the front!
  14. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    again thank you all for your kind words, I took 4 vicodins today and the pain is coming back full force. Its raining today and I went to the christmas tree shop and was so happy to be out. I think now I'm paying for. God help me I think I'm losing my life. my father is 81 yrs old and complains of his arthitis, he always saids " today would be a good day to die" is he serious. that man has so much energy and strength in that body of his and he complains.I don't even know how I'm going to be when I'm 43.
    Anyway I'm going to call the doctor tonight and see if she can see me sooner to start the 0xy contin, (God bless all of you who are in this boat, I cry for you too.)
    anyway some of you talked about the flexeril or a muscle relaxer, I'm actually taking that at night. to now avail I quess.
    Love Lisa

  15. NewEnglander

    NewEnglander New Member

    maybe too late to bump, I don't know.
    still searching for answers, advice, med info, anything.
    I have been spending alot of my night now in a chair. laying down in my bed tends to hurt.
  16. RedB

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    in the back of your neck, and also where your neck meets your head. My physical therapist was great at releasing them. I wish I were as good at it.

    There are two bumpy lines going down the back of your neck. Finding the biggest bumps and pressing or rubbing on them very strongly can help release some of the pain. If you succeed, you sometimes can actually feel the lump dissolve right underneath your fingers.

    I also have a little four-legged wooden thing that I use to rub my neck. It's very helpful sometimes. I have no idea if they sell them any more. It doesn't really have a name.