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  1. Rafiki

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    This young woman, with no formal training and no fancy equipment or fancy computer, had created amazing images in her darkened room.

    Most photos are taken in the dark from her bed. Some are taken on trips to the bathroom. Sometimes she uses her bedside flashlight. She does not have the health or strength to move anything, go anywhere or set up any shots. She began quite by accident when she picked up her mother's digital camera on her way to the loo.

    It gives me hope.

  2. jyl

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    These are beautiful!!

  3. goofgirl

    goofgirl New Member

    Those photos are incredible. Something to remind us that even in our darkest days, we can find beauty and inspiration.
  4. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    wow. she has real talent.
  5. jasminetee

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    "Door in a door 2" and "rothko's water" look a lot like the Desktop image my laptop came with that I like a lot. Good for her for finding a way to be creative even though she's suffering so much.

    There's a scroll bar on the top of the page of her pictures and if you move it all the way to the right, her pictures are enlarged and really show their beauty. Clicking on the Slideshow is even better. The picture "Outside In" is just amazing.

    Once I looked at "alchemy 2" in Pause mode in the Slideshow I realized that it looks like multiple hands praying with a tunnel going into the background. There's a man's face with a beard on the upper left of the tunnel and a Buddha like figure in the lower part of the tunnel and he's surrounded by praying hands.

    I went to her website and found she had written a bit more about being bedbound. She wrote this: "When I became tired of photographing tiredness, I turned the camera on the darkened room that I have been incarcerated in for eleven years. I discovered it contains a parallel universe of vibrancy (perhaps the so called invalid and her kind do too!)."

    Thanks for sharing this Rafiki.


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