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  1. lynn3811

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    does anyone have any thoughts about the Posturepedic bed and the Sleep number bed? I have Fibro and osteo arthritis, and need a new bed that does not stick me with the springs!

    Thanks for any info!
  2. GrandmaHugs

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    We have had a Sleep Number Bed for the past 10 yrs. Love it..Love it...Love it! We also have one in our RV. No springs to stab you in the hips & back! You can adjust how soft or firm you would like it depending on how you are feeling that day. My sleep number is 45-50. My husband is 35-40. That whats great is that can adjust the firmness separately for each side. I wouldn't sleep on anything else.
  3. rockgor

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    Just replaced my Sealy posturepedic. It gave excellent service
    for 22 years.

    I think mattresses are generally a great bargain. My calculator could
    probably figure out they cost something like ten cents a day.

    Good luck


    LEFTYGG Member

    i have a temprapedic and love it but it was expensive i figure its the last bed ill buy.we went away last winter and turned heat real low when we came back it was hard as a rock hahaha took awhile to warm it up. i love it because i cant fell my husband move. he would sit on the bed in the morning putting on his shoes and shake the bed and it made me naseaous cant spell rightr love gail
  5. Beadlady

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    If you are senistive to certain smells-be sure you take the time to air out your bed before pl;acing it in your bed room.

    We bought a new waterbed mattress in Sept 2010 and the first 2 months I had to sleep on the couch because of the fumes. It is alot better now, but I have to keep the fan on most days and also the bathroom fan too so it will continue to air out.

    Good luck!
  6. Yucca13

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    Thought I would give my recommendation on a supportive, but comfortingly soft mattress. It was not inexpensive, but none of the better mattresses we looked at were, especially any with a minimal amount of latex in them. I took a leap of faith after reading lots of information about latex and reviews and ordered from the factory. I am using the box springs from my old mattress which work fine.

    It is a 100% natural latex mattress with a Dunlop process latex bottom two layers and a softer Talalay process latex on top with an organic padded cover. Since it is all natural latex (from the sap of a tree), there is no smell and/or outgassing.

    The material is antimicrobial, antidustmite, and antifungal. It sleeps cool and does not mold to your body as man-made tempurpedic mattresses can. It is firm enough so that it is easy to roll over. I ordered medium and it gives adequate support without feeling like it will bruise me.
    It has a warranty of 20 years (no prorating until after 10) which is something I've never seen in another mattress. I guess the supplier has a lot of confidence in their product. I would be interested to know if anyone else has purchased a latex mattress and how they like them.
  7. rockgor

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    I never heard of a latex mattress before; not even when I was shopping for one.
    Sounds like a wonderful product. Be sure to come back 20 years from now
    and give us your evaluation.

    I read your profile. We have some things in common in addition to being on this
    board. Love of cats; child problems; depression. If you read my profile you can
    see some anti-depression modalities that I've tried over the years. Some helped;
    some didn't.

  8. kbak

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    Hi Lynn,
    I went through hell for yrs. trying to find the right bed. I was always in agony from lying down in a terrible bed. We wasted a ton of money changing mattresses. I took a chance on a foam mattress I saw at QVC that was extremely reasonable.

    It's very firm so I put a softer 3 inch memory foam on top of it. It has worked out so well!! I am so happy with it. Now my sis has a sleep no. bed that she loves. I tried the sleep no. and couldn't stand it. So it's really personal preference.

    I love the foam and sleep so much better on it. I have a really good foam pillow too. I think getting away from springs makes a big difference. I wish you luck in your search, it's tuff.
    I'll be happy to expand if anyone needs more info.

    Take care,
  9. 3gs

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    after every matteress topper know to man,I bought a adjustable bed.

    the matteress is latex,which after research went with and it was a nightmare. it took over 6 months to outgas. however did find out company did not send the eco-friendly one!!! did have to put a 6inch topper on it.

    biggest plus is the bed being able to sleep semi reclined.