Bee sting therapy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by momkatmax, May 30, 2003.

  1. momkatmax

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    I have been studing bee sting therapy (also known as bee venom therapy) sicne seeing it on a Discovery health show some time ago. My doctor would be willing to give venom injections and I have found a couple of sites with purified venom for injection. There is some controversy that straight from the bee is best. My undergrad degree was in entomology, so I could do it myself with my hubby's help if needed. The same web sites will sell the bees and the minimal equipment needed. Since I have never been allergic to bee or wasp stings I would be ok, with supervison the first few times. There is a doctor at Georgetown Univ. studing bee venom for use in MS patients, found that info on an MS site. So I was wondering if any of you out there have tried it for FM or other problems and your response to it and so on.

    At least this therapy is cheap.
  2. allhart

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    ive been interested in this for awhile ex mil has ms,i keep trying to talk her into it maybe if i tried it frist she would be more willing.
    if you get a chance can you send me the web sites my email is on my profile
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    I have a friend with MS who used this therapy for about 8 months but got no relief. My friend's wife used to go to a local beekeeper to get the bees. I can't see why it would help with FM, but I'm not certain what the deal is with it with MS either. All I know is that it supposedly helps some people, but not my friend.
  4. donna13210

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    If you decide to pursue the bee sting therapy, will you please let us know how it goes?

    I, for one, would be interested in your results.

    Thanks and take care
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    I had no allergy to bees either, and had been stung many, many times, since I was a real outdoors kind of gal before FMS.
    FMS sensitizes us to many things that did not bother us before, due to dominance of the TH2 side of the immune system.
    The first time I was stung after getting FMS, I barely made it to the Emergency Room in time. I sure am allergic to bees now!
    I've not seen anything about using apiary therapy for FMS, but it could work if FMS is an auto-immmune disorder, as some think.
    Please keep us posted.
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    One of the Ladies I do swim therapy with uses it for her arthritis. It works for her.
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    Which sells the venom in Emu oil and you rub it into your skin. It is absorbed. It is not as powerful as the injections or the direct stings, but it isn't expensive and might give you an indication of whether the therapy would help you.

    Love, Mikie