Been busy and not doing so well.

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    Hi everyone. Just been through a busy time with 3 of the grandchildren having time with us while School Holidays are on here "down under". They are great ( 11,9 and 7) and I love them dearly, love having them here and all that, but it is just that I have been having some probs. They understand and are really good to Gran. Have my almost 16 year old god daughter here now , but she is wonderful and does so much for me. Am trying to get energy enough to make her some boxer shorts while she is with us as a way of saying thank you to her. Told you of my problems with Zoloft and Dr tried me on Tofrinal. That was worse. Didn't take anything for over a week and I was just experiencing more and more pain and less and less sleep. So now we are trying me back on the Zoloft at a reduced dosage. Seems to be OK thus far and if I do feel some mild agitation I will just have to remember what I feel like off it. Had terrible headaches and severe agitation on the dosage Dr tried to put me on. Have also started on some Bio-Zinc which is the nearest I can find to ZMA here in "OZ". My Chemist is getting used to me going in and asking if he can tell me what this or that drug is!!! So much of what you people in the USA use is different to us or we can't find out what it is. Am interested in peoples comments about dizziness. Have been suffering with that but had a severe middle ear infection which put me in hospital for 10 days a few years ago and DR thinks it may be something to do with an imbalance from that. Am to try a drug for that. Can't remember what just now. Anyway I have been so out of sorts that I have found it enough to read all the posts without writing one, but I really am so glad I found you all. I really have to "budget" my days and when I know I am going to be busy, take it easy the day before (and after ). So many times I have gone to the Supermarket and had to come home exhausted without finishing the shopping etc. Such a different lifestyle to the one where I was never home. Anyway enough. Just wanted to "talk" to you all. Love and Hugs, Ozgran.
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    So nice to hear from you again. But sorry to hear about your not feeling well.

    Sure hope they can help with the dizziness. It can be caused by the ear. but also from Medications too. I had a bad experience with the herb; St. John's Wort, it made me very dizzy, had to quit taking it.

    How wonderful to have the grandchildren with you, but that is a tiring job for most of us, even if they are good children.

    Take care, and let us know how you are doing.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    Just wanted to say Hi...The board is great, don't you agree?
    I'm pretty new here, where abouts in Oz are you from?
    I'm in Canberra.
    Just paid a visit to a new Dr yesterday, he's put me on a whole heap of natural pills and powders. I am now feeling rotten...upset stomach, dizziness, headaches and extreme pain and fatigue. It is such a pain trying to find the what meds work as we are are all individuals. I am a working mum and have 2 kids of my own and I know how you is sooooo exhausting.
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    Was wondering what happened to you! Sorry you're not doing well....glad you're injoying the Grandchildren. I have 18, and find it hard to keep up.

    My latest in diagnosed w/ Lupus. Don't know much about that, I have been researching FMS.

    Welcome back, and hoope you get feeling better.
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    Will just reply briefly as I am about to go off to bed and hope to get some sleep after a bad night last night. I live at Cobram on the Victorian/NSW border, just 300 metres from the Murray River. Am more than twice your age but it is good to catch up with you. Am very interested in what your Dr is going to do as regards your diet.I read your other post with great interest. Catch up with you again soon. Love and Hugs. Ozgran