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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by upoemaker, May 13, 2003.

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    Hi Everyone!

    Hope you've all been hanging in there! I'm almost at the last of my year with the graduating seniors, had a recent LONG conversation with my rheumatologist about Embrel and other tumor necrosis drugs and am still on the old stand by for rheumatoid+fibro. I'm 52 and have no kids at home and was way too focused on my illness. I can only speak for myself here! Decided to adopt a dog from our local humane society and found the perfect one for me. I'm a horse person (at this time without a horse for once in 25 years) but I have two cats who are not happy about this decision. This young dog had been kept in a travelling cage by her mentally impaired owner so long that her nose was rubbed raw and her back was displaced when she was finally brought to our local shelter by this man. He had a soup bone and a package of hot dogs in his hand and said that's all she had ever eaten. Now she's here at home with us and I have a new and incredibly challenging project. I hope I'm up to it but I know I can do whatever I need to do to give this wonderful loving creature a real life. Much more than I can say my illness will ever give to me.

    Let's all try to find a way to divert our attention from our pain..whatever strategy we employ is good!

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    I'm 51 & I just wanted to say that taking care of my dog has been a real morale booster for me. I am happy for you that you are giving this young dog a new lease on life. I think the love & care we have for our pets helps us to heal. It is so therapeutic to pet a cat or dog and when they respond to us it is such a good feeling. My dog knows I need nap times and she joins me everyday. Her bed is next to mine so we make Zzzzzzzz's together. LOL. I think she is winning. For a little dog she sure can snore loud. Anyway, I just think it is marvelous that you rescued your dog and are giving it a better life. You are is so good to focus on something besides what ails us.
    Love back at ya. CLD
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    I'm an animal lover here, too, and just hate to read stories about animals being abused. I have three cats-two that I adopted when they were each several months old from the Human Society and the third one was a stray from last summer that we took in. So glad that your dog is having a happy ending to what must have been a miserable existence. I think animals are good therapy. Some days when I have felt really down, they are always there to give me comfort.

    Ellen Comstock
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    Chloe is doing well..just keeping her here in the house with no outside intrusions. We are both doing well right now. I'm so proud of the fact that I haven't missed a day of teaching my high schoool seniors for a whole month and I'm not sure anyone could appreciate this teaching job stuff but I do keep on trying even with my multiple diagnosis problems,,,rheumatoid, fibro,pernicious anemia, peripheral neuropathy, etc.

    I am so happy we took her home...I think she might make it!
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    I just adopted a puppy also. Mine is very young, 8 weeks old and its been really fun. She is Husky/German Shepard mix and we named her Stormy. I too, wandered if it would be too much for me to handle. So I hesitated for awhile but it really gives me a lift watching her. I take her out alot to go to the bathroom or go on a short walk and I end up spending a lot of time outside.

    I`m suprised how well its going and that I feel a little more energized by her. I agree it does help to have something else to focus on.