Been gone awhile. Still suffering, but looking for help?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ceili, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. ceili

    ceili New Member

    Hi all!

    I've been in a bad place for weeks......physical pain is really bad, especially my back of late. I'm stil working, but the pain is getting to me so much that psychologically, I'm downward spiraling. :(

    I'm not getting stronger....really getting weaker every day. Doc's don't help. I'm tired of them just offering another pill to take that takes me lower than before.

    They say depression is the second step to chronic pain.....and right now I'm experiencing both. Not good.

    I wake up..take my pain pills..go back to sleep to let them work. Doesn't help.

    So now I'm feeling so tired physically and mentally.

    Tomorrow is dh's birthday. I haven't even bought him a card or gift as I haven't been out b/c I hurt so much all day and night.

    Sorry for the bummer post.........just hoping by putting this out there, I might find the strength I need to think of him first tomorrow, do the work I'm late in doing, pay my bills, put in work expenses that just sit there as I promise every morning I'll do today.

    Wow.......maybe I should just realize that the pain will stay and move over to the depression board where I might really belong.

    What do you do? When you're physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted to get you back on track to live a real day?

  2. kgangel

    kgangel New Member

    Hi, I just wanted to say Hi and welcome back.

    I have had a lot of trouble with pain lately myself and it is very discouraging. I am going to Physical Therapy , I take hot baths at night, I do stretching exercises. I used to walk with my dog, but I have had so much pain I have not done that for awhile. I cut down on everything when I am in pain and just do the best I can

    I am hoping therapy will help me to get strong again so I can be a little more active. It is very depressing to be at home and hurt so much I would like to get my life back too.

    I also use a muscle relaxor and pain meds to get through and I pray that I will have the strength to get better amd it does help. That and I come on here and get support from others

    Take care and peace and no pain are what I wish for you

  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    when I become emotionally debilitated and I'm in terrible pain, I sometimes just have a little cry. This doesnt happen often but on occassion and I feel better after it.

    I try to not allow myself to sink into depression, I'm probably lucky that I havent - I can get down for a few days then I pull myself out - how? I dont know - I think positively, not that I'm going to get better because I've had this so long but I just get on with things.

    And rest, rest, rest, give your body a break.

  4. Bailey-smom

    Bailey-smom New Member

    When you are feeling down everything can feel hopeless. I too have been in your shoes. What I found to help was sunlight – it did take a while but I made myself open the curtains and spend small amounts of time outside (when it was warm). I did have the dr put me on an antidepressant but I slowly brought myself back into the real world.

    It is difficult to deal with when you don’t feel good and you hurt so bad. Keep your chin up and pamper yourself a bit. I am, also, one for a nice warm bath and good smelling stuff. Take care of yourself and know you can come to us anytime.

  5. sami

    sami New Member

    i feel your pain...i am there a lot lately...i have tried so many hings and it is hard to keep our heads up....but i think i am too starting to go down that well of depression...i was out of it for so long..but it does get frustrating, knowing you are trying it all and still feel like s***!!!!hang in there...for me....a good cry is a good thing and it does help...get all those sad things talk to 1 doc thou...i have an interist and a rheumy and together we can usually try something..i am now on the guafenesin protocol because i just want soooooo badly want to feel better....had my gall bladder out this summer and it set me back..and everyone said'you'll do great you'll be back on your feet in days'
    well it is about 10 weeks now and i am why behind where i was!!!!!!!
    we gotta just all try...hugs honey......
  6. Pianowoman

    Pianowoman New Member

    Ijust wanted to add my understanding of your pain and depression. I'm sorry you are in that place right now.
    You have had some good suggestions and there is hope, definitely!
    I know someone said that pain meds can cause depression but I also wonder if your pain is being adequately controlled. Perhaps you need to talk to your Doctor or even get a new one!
    Take care and know that I am thinking of you.


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