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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BSHLEEN, Apr 22, 2010.


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    Hi I was told 20 years ago I have Fibo .Since then my body just keep getting worse >This Fibo Kicks me in the butt Know I have IBS acid reflux and more stomack eyes have gotten worse vertlioge {skin } I'm Spotted My husband calls me his little freak of natural. It was cute at frist but know summers her and I don't want to leave my house .We have a boat It hurts to go on it know but I get so mad that my life is being cut short I find myself pushig myself and then paying for it . He trys to understand but until he walks in my shoes it be so hard for any spose to understand . I have gone through the pain ever day but the disfugiuement Is so hard .I 'm going too try a tanning spray .Thats all the dr. can do. I have to be checked out every 3 months. My fibo was caused by a truama accident. so they think . Just needed to vent I am open to any suggestion BSHLEEN

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