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    Anybody please!!!!! I habe been home with th ekids for almost 7 years. Just dx w/fibro two months. But this is when I need to go back to owrk. How do I go about getting disability????
    Please Help
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    and look under federal security...and make appt to file....

    also check out

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    Dear Deena:

    Since you live in CA you might be eligible for State Disability Insurance. Not sure how far they will go back to look for wages, but it is certainly worth a try. Look in the phone book under California State Disability or go online to and you should find info there. As I said, not sure how far back they will go to calculate your benefits, but you usually get about 50% of your pay. They will pay you for 12 months, as long as your doctor completes the paperwork. If you are totally disabled, you should start with this benefit, and then go on to SSDI.

    I think for SSI (which is NOT social security disability) you need to make very little money, have no assets (up to total of $2,000.00 I think) and you need to be disabled...and I think you only get about $450 per month.

    SSDI, which is social security disabilty is based on your work history. You can apply for this on-line as welll, but it takes a long time to get benefits. This benefit is also based on your work history, and you have to have a certain number of quaters (of years) work history in order to receive these benefits.

    Hope that helps somewhat.

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