been in a flare and pretty worried, what to think of this..

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    I have been battling a terrible flare for quite sometime now. What has me so worried is my feet. I have always had most of my pain in low back, left hip and down left leg. This has travelled to my right side now too. However it is not just my low back anymore either it is all of my spine giving me grief. My big problem is with my right three middle toes and the ball of my foot. They are swollen and painful to walk on. They tingle and burn all the time. It hurts to walk due to the pressure that is put on them when walking. I have know idea what this is and I already have this on my left side which makes it difficult to walk aready, (walk with a terrible gait.) Does anyone have any idea what is happening. Or have this same problem. They couldn't figure it out on the left side and if this keeps going I fear it will cripple me completely.
    Thanks for listening everyone.
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    I have pain in both my feet too. It's feels almost like I've stood on my feet all day wearing heels....and I never do either. But my feet have never been swollen so I can't help with that. When is your next doctor's appt? Be sure and mention it to him and write it in your pain journal (if you keep one). I've still relatively new to FM, only been diagnosed about 3 months so maybe someone else can help you more. I just wanted you to know that I'm really sorry about this nasty flare and hope you feel better soon.

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    Hi, Joannie:

    I can sympathize with you on the feet problem. Both of my feet swell (especially the left one-including the toes) and they often hurt. As far as the swelling goes, I try to keep my feet up as much as possible. I can't really do this at work as much, but at home I always have my feet up when I am sitting. For the pain, I take Ultracet. It doesn't completely erase the pain, but it helps. Soaking your feet in warm water may also help. I haven't tried this yet (I will) but I wonder if putting epsom salts in the water might help, too.

    Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. My feet problems aren't as bad as yours, but I can understand how scary and upsetting it can be.
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    Joannie, Sorry about your pain and can relate to your worry about your feet pain. For two years I had terrible pain in the back of my right hip that ran all the way down to my toes. I had several xrays done and had the usual run-around from doctors. Finally my pain clinic doctor told me how to stretch the backs of my legs and this took care of 80% of the problem. My feet never did tingle or burn, not did they swell. But the ball of my foot and sometimes my toes hurt just terrible. The pain dominated my life for about two years. It hurt from my right hip down to my toes and the pain would run up to my right shoulder too. I think even physical therapists were puzzled. Anyway, sorry for rambling. The pain doctor told me to lay in a doorway and put my right foot up on the side of the door jamb. Don't lay right in the middle of the doorway; but just to the side to get the proper stretch. I can't remember how long I held the stretch. Just be careful not to overstretch. I am not saying this will work for you, but it did really help me. When I start to have this pain again, I just do a couple of days of stretching. Maybe 2 0r 3 times a day.
    Don't give up, there is always hope. Once in a while I have pain on the left side too, but the stretching seems to help.
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    Hi Joannie:
    Had to write about your new foot pain. Myfms has been getting worse and worse with new areas hurting all the time. My newest and worst at the moment are my feet. The bottoms, sides, all of them hurt terribly. Especially in the am, I can hardly walk, just kinda hobble around. Nothing helps them so far. I don't have swelling of the toes though. That sounds more like gout. It causes painful swelling of the big toe joint mostly, but spose it could occur in other toes. If your toes are hot, swollen, and extremely painful, it could be gout. Better check it out with your doc. When we have fms, we sometimes think every symptom is related to it, and that can be dangerous to think that way. Worth a doctor visit, I's say.
    Good luck with your flare up - just try to rest more and it will pass.